Saturday, July 24, 2010

More pictures of the boys from the farm

Both Jason and I took lots of pictures while on the farm last weekend and I couldn't decide on just a few.  I ended up going through the pictures and picking out 24 pictures so far that I want to share.  I know there are more!

Here are more pictures that I just had to share!!

We were just walking around the farm checking out the tractors, garden and such.  Grandma grows wonderful veggies for us to eat while we are there!  We were checking out the zucchini that Grandma grew!

More pictures to come on another post!

Weekend at the farm

I cannot believe how long it's been since I blogged last.  I apologize to my faithful readers that I haven't updated especially with pictures of the boys.

Last weekend we headed to the farm.  Jason's family farm.  We had plans to head to Iowa on Sunday for his moms family reunion.  We had a wonderful weekend!  The boys played outside as much as possible.  Nate went on many Mule (like a John Deere Gator) rides as did the twins.  We grilled out, went swimming (Jason and Nate) and just relaxed and had good conversation.  While daddy and Nate were swimming, the twins and I explored the farm.  I had fun getting pictures of them while we explored.