Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am hungry.

For the past few weeks I have been very nauseous b/c of being pregnant. Since being put on progesterone for the babies, it has helped my nauseousness. So, today has been the best of days. I am hungry. But, the thing is, I am hungry for things I had when I was in the Czech Republic. It all started this afternoon when for some reason, I got to thinking about sweet bread. Sweet bread is typically eaten for breakfast. So, I decided to google "sweet bread" and see what I could find. I haven't found a recipe for sweet bread but as I was looking, I was reminded of so many things I used to eat over in the Czech Republic. I tried looking for these other things but can't find just the right one. I have 3 contacts in Czech Republic that I can get a hold of and ask them for recipes.
Here is what I am looking for:
Kolache, but only made by a good friend!
Sweet bread
Tomato and cucumber salad
Open faced sandwiches
Mushroom soup

I know there are more, but that's all I can think of. I know that I can get kolache here in St Louis, but my friend makes the best.
Some of these items I ate at our mission camps so I know things are made differently than others. The open faced sandwiches we ate for supper. Typically, people would eat a nice breakfast, big lunch and then a small supper. Opened face sandwiches were really good. I made them one last time right after we came home in 1995 but I don't remember it all.

Oh, I am craving cinnamon rolls right now too. Jason said he would make them for me! What a sweet guy!

Ok, of to email my mom to get the addresses so I can get the recipes.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Have something to share!

I have been waiting on some important pieces of information before I wrote this post. On Sunday May 4th we found out that we are expecting another baby! I went on the following Wednesday to confirm with the OB. I had blood drawn the next day so that my ob could check my progesterone levels. That following Monday, I called in and talked with the ob and she said that my levels were much better that they were last fall when we miscarried. I was happy to hear that. However, I wasn't quite at a 10 for levels so she has me on progesterone for 30 days. Everything was going well till last Thursday early in the morning. I had woken up at 4:30am to use the restroom and I noticed my heart was beating awful fast. Now, pregnant womens hearts to beat a little faster because the heart is working for 2. I used the restroom and came back to bed, but didn't lay down. Jason woke up to see what was wrong and I had him feel my heart. It took us about 30 secs to decide to head into the ER. Thankfully, our niece was visiting and we let her know we were going to the er so we didnt have to worry about taking Nate since she was there. We got to the ER and told the people at the front desk that I was approx. 7 weeks along and my heart was racing. I was immediately seen by the house ER dr who listened to my heart and said to get me to a room. I was hooked up to a heart machine to check the beats. I went up as high as 180 bpm. I had so many people in the room. It took the nurses a while to get the IV in. Thankfully this whole time I wasn't in any pain or shortness of breath. After they got the IV in they decided to try and slow my heart down and see if it would reset itself. The nurse said right before the drug hit my veins that I would feel weird. Uh, yeah. It was the weirdest feeling. I think I blacked out for a couple of seconds. I felt this wave go from my neck to my feet. Thankfully its a short lived drug and it was out of my system quickly. That didn't work so they tried another. They finally got me a room in the heart hospital. I got to the room at 8:30am and the drugs they were using wasn't working. I saw so many drs and whoever else was there. I finally saw the heart dr. I had an EKG done. Sometime that morning and after a bunch of tests, they finally decided to do an electrical cardio version. What that means is they pretty much shock my heart to get it back to normal. I was drugged up so that it was a conscience sedation although, I don't remember anything. They brought the crash cart in my room to do the version. This happened around 12:15pm. After that my heart rate was back to normal, Praise the Lord!!!
I had the best nurses there. My heart nurse was the best of them all. She was so sweet and was 20 weeks pregnant so of course we had lots in common. She reassured me thru all of this. I came home Friday afternoon. Jasons sister stayed overnight to help with Nate. I felt so sorry for him as his world was turned upside down for 36 hours or so. I think he is much happier with me home.

So, in the er, the house dr did an ultrasound to check on the baby. I was scheduled to have one midmorning at my obs office anyways. The dr looks at us after finding the baby and asks "Are you taking fertility drugs"? We said "No, why"? He said that he thinks there are 2 sacs there! Our jaws dropped. No way. After all that happened Thursday, I called in on Tuesday to my ob and requested an ultrasound to make sure the baby was ok. Also to see if the dr was right about being twins. My ob is not on staff at the hospital we were at so she wasn't able to come see us, but she was notified about what was happening to me last week. As I am in her office getting an ultrasound, she comes rushing in the room cause she just has to know if the house er dr was right. Sure enough, as soon as the tech could get a pic, there are 2 babies and 2 heart beats!!!
Here is a pic of the 2 babies:

If you look at the 2 sacs and see 2 bean shapes, one in each sac, those are our babies!

We still don't know why we are blessed with twins, only knowing it's from God. But genetically, how? Jason doesn't have any twins on his side. My paternal grandfather was a twin although his brother was a stillborn at the time of their birth. It is said that twins skip generations. None of my cousins have had twins and for an exception of myself and my two younger cousins, everyone else is done having kids. My younger cousins may be done to as they already have kids. So, I am the only one left and I get the twins!!

I am excited about this journey for the next 8 months. My ob is very supportive. She and I are going to work together and make this pregnancy wonderful and hopefully the birth also. My edd is January 14th. I may go early as most twin pregnancies do. I am going to take it easy around November and December. I want to get to at least 38 weeks. That way the twins wont have to spend much time in the nicu. It's almost mandatory that twins spend some time there since they usually arrive earlier than single babies. Make sure their lungs are fully developed.

Please pray that the babies grow strong and healthy. I want to be able to hold 2 babies at the end of this journey.