Monday, July 16, 2007

Nate's New Word

Been waiting somewhat patiently for Nate to finally start saying more words than just mama, daddy and tractor. So I made a list of what he can say. Uh oh, Jackson,whoa and today, I heard saying Baby! Clear as day! We have a babies r us advertisement from the other day and he loves looking thru it. Well, just a few minutes ago, as he was looking thru it, I heard Nate say Baby!

Here are some pictures that I said I would post.

Hosted by!

Hosted by!

The first pic is of my temporary clothes line. I thought I had more pictures of my clothes line and of Nates clothes line. Will have to go searching for those.
The second pic is of Nate painting for the first time. Aunt Amy was so kind to get him this easel at a yard sale.

Thats all for now. Maybe when Nate goes down for a nap, I will be able to post more.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Been to a good park lately?

Nate and I ventured out to a park yesterday and today. They weather was so nice these past 2 days that we couldn't stay inside. We went to Creve Couer Park. They have a really nice play area for kids and it is pretty much all in shade. There are 2 play structures, one for the younger crowd and one for the older. The park also has a water feature where when one pushes a button, water shoots up out of the ground and also has a bucket that dumps water every time it's filled. Now Nate doesn't like the water, but he loves the climbing structures. We spent at least 2 hours there yesterday and about an 1 1/2 hours today. Called a friend to see if she and her 2 daughters would like to join us today.

Been waiting to get my clothesline so in the mean time, I decided to put up a temporary one in the backyard. I have strung a line from the garage to the fence by the carport. It only gives my one line and after fixing it a time or two, doesn't sag too much! I have been able to avoid the dryer the past 4 loads of laundry. I did take pictures and will have Jason upload them tonight and I will add them tomorrow here. Nate was playing around me yesterday as I was hanging out his diapers and tried to take a clothes pin from the bag. I gave him one and he went into the basket and grabbed an insert for his diaper and reached up high and tried to pin it to the line!!! So, I stopped hanging laundry and went to find some pieces of rope and tied it between 2 patio chairs. I showed him how to pinch the pin to make it open and how to pin the insert to the line. Nate has his own clothes line just his height!!! I did take pic's of that and will show you tomorrow.

Tonight, I am meeting with Nikki of Jacks Magic Beanstalk. She has my kit ready to go. It didn't cost as much as I was thinking it would. Silly me, I have been researching diapers for the past 2 years and know fairly well the prices of everything, I didn't need to be so worried. I am going to meet with her tonight and go over the order forms and some other things so that I can start getting out the emails to the ladies I want to invite to my first diaper party! I am getting super excited yet nervous. I am more nervous about having people to my house and being a hostess. I also am nervous that I wont be able to get out an invite in the mail to look the way I want it too.

As I am sitting here in the office, I look out my window and look at the tree thats right there. I have hung my bird feeder on a limb out there and see a squirrel trying to eat the seeds. Now I have stop trying to dissuade the squirrels from eating from the feeder, but I look just in time to see one almost fall off the feeder trying to stay perched enough to eat!!! I look up a little further and see a spot of red. There was a cardinal sitting there! How pretty! The stark red against the pretty green leaves. I love seeing such pretty birds flying around. Now, if I get my hummingbird feeder out there, would I be able to attract hummingbirds? Who knows!

Well, I need to get to the kitchen and make up some things for supper. Jason will be home soon and Nate will be getting up soon too.

Be looking for pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday America! Thanks to all the troops out there fighting for our freedom. We appreciate you!
Fireworks were as always, a feast for the eyes. Nate and Jason stayed home. Didn't think Nate would like all the loud noises. Maybe next year. I went to see fireworks not far from here. Just near the Mills Mall. Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Center hosts a parade and fireworks every year. From where I was sitting, I could watch Bridgetons, St Charles and one other places fireworks show.
My parents came to town yesterday. Dad is on vacation and needed to do some shopping. He was on the lookout for some new work shoes. He found a nice pair at Bass Pro Shop. We did go to the Mills Mall. Dad wanted to go to Cabelas and mom wanted to go to Archivers. Both mom and I found some things at Archivers to make cards with. Not long ago, I found some buttons with adhesive already on the back. It came in a package with about 10 buttons of various sizes. Didn't see any so I asked the ladies if they had any in the back and sure enough, they did. I paid $1.99 for the first package I got and these were only $.99 each! So I bought 2 colors, tan and purple.
Been waiting for my stash of diapers so I can start hosting diaper parties. I should be getting everything next week. I need to make up some invitations to send out.
Nate and I spent all day Monday outside. This past weekend, Aunt Amy found an art easel, picnic table and drawing desk for Nate at yard sales. While Nate played, I cleaned up the easel and table for him to use. After lunch, I got out some paint and a brush and paper. Nate loved painting for the first time! I am glad that I remembered to bring out the camera! I will have Jason help download the pics so I might post some here. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for the next few days so we can spend some more time outside and go to some parks.
I am excited that I get my clothes line soon. My dad needs to contact the place where they are cutting the pieces and then I can go and get the pieces and have our friend Ben weld them together. With all this nice weather lately, I have been dreaming of having my clothes line!
Tomorrow, we are back to our routine. Need to check the schedule and see what needs to be done. I have been slacking the past 2 days and need to get back on schedule.
Well, it's late and I am tired. I am off to bed.