Monday, April 2, 2012

Played at a new park today!

Yesterday as Nate and I were heading North on Lindburgh, I noticed a sign for McDonnell park.  I made a mental note to try out the park with the kids.  Fast forward to today and we headed over there.  I was very pleased with the park.  The playground was very nice with that squishy padding under the play structure which was nice.  The kids had lots of fun! 

Here is my review of the park:
4 benches
bathrooms not far from the playground
lots of shade trees
this playground looks to be for ages 3 and up.  There wasn't a smaller slide for the younger crowd.
pavilion not far from the playground
picnic table right there.
lots of grassy area to run around in.

I will definitely be taking my kids back to this park.  As we were leaving, I decided to check out another area of the park and found another playground.  It looked like it would be suited for ages 6 and up.  We may have to try it at another time.

I didn't have my camera with me so I used my cell phone.  I am hoping I can get the photo on here.

Here is the map to show you where it is located:

Check out this park sometime!  It is a great park!