Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You have to listen to this!

I found this on the message board I am a member of. http://www.chumfm.com/MorningShow/bits/march24.swf Cut and paste. I don't know how to put in a link. Anyways, very funny to listen to. A guy witnesses and accident while leaving a message for his friend on his phone.


I am off to get my tooth looked at today. Not looking forward to this. I think something happened to the tooth while I was getting my wisdom tooth removed. Thankfully the guy who I am going to see is good. Close the house too.

I will have to add more tonight.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pictures to show!

I haven't shared pictures of Nate lately so here goes!

The first few pics are of Nate sitting in an old desk. I have no clue how old this desk is. I do remember sitting in it to color too. My parents had it for years and they handed it down to me. I have it sitting in a corner of my kitchen just for looks till recently when Nate discovered it! Here he is coloring.
chuckecheese nite 004

He is really getting into coloring. Usually I give him blank pages to color on, but he has been asking daddy to draw Peanut characters. If you read my previous post, you will understand his infatuation with Snoopy! As I was watching him, I noticed that he is definitely going to be a lefty! I am so proud as I am a lefty also. Up till now, he didn't really favor that hand, but you can really tell he is set for life. When Nate wants to color, he pulls the desk out of the corner.
Here are two more pics of him coloring:
chuckecheese nite 002

chuckecheese nite 002

His favorite color to color with is orange. He is getting his colors down too. He can name about 4 colors now.

The next photo is of 6 prefolds that I embellished with cute material. I sent them off to Tammy of Tinkle Traps. She will take those prefolds, trim them to the measurements I gave her and add elastic to the legs and back and make them into fitted diapers. They are actually called prefitteds since they are made from prefolds. The prefolds I sent her are toddler sized. They are too big for us to use. This is a good option for us. It doesn't hurt to have extra diapers. I will have to post pictures when I get them back.

EasterEggHunt 028

The prints from left to right are: sock monkey with lite blue background, Retro western(Michael Miller print), Vintage Dick and Jane, Cars, another Vintage Dick and Jane and Thomas.

Here is another photo of Nate. Jason added this to his blog. I thought I would add it to mine too. This is after bath one night. I was being goofy and made a mow hawk of Nate's hair! He looks awful cute!
EasterEggHunt 011

I need to find out how to add a blog roll to my blog. Guess I will have to go snooping around here. Either that or ask Jason.

Enjoy the pics. I know I get to enjoy the real thing every day :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

I like Linus!

Nate just told me this! He enjoys watching anything Snoopy. We got him hooked on Snoopy back at Halloween. I enjoy watching holiday movies and Snoopy was one of them. We watched the Snoopy Christmas show too. Nate sits there and giggles at the pond scene. Jason found Snoopy Come home. Apparently, Snoopy gets forgotten and decides to leave home. I don't know the rest of the story b/c I don't sit and watch the whole thing. Jason and Nate watch it together. There is a scene in a hospital when Snoopy and Woodstock go to visit a girl Lila. She is sick. There is a sign at the entrance to the hospital, No Dog Allowed. Someone is chasing Snoopy and Woodstock thru the hospital. Think a scene from Scooby Doo. Running from room to room with someone chasing you. Some how they get from one room and then another w/o going into the hallway. Anyways, Nate absolutely loves that scene!!! So back to Linus. We have sometime nick named Nate Linus b/c of the whole blanky thing. Well, I think Nate can relate to Linus so he likes him!

Nate starts swimming lessons today! I hope to get in 2 sessions before he turns 3. Thats when he flies solo with other kids and a teacher. Up to 3 years old, the parents need to be in the pool with the kids. I also want to get him signed up for music and movement at our community center. I am wanting to get a season pass to the Aqua Port too. Lots of fun things to do this summer.

Off to get supper in the crock pot.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A certain intersection

There is a certain intersection on St Charles Rock Rd that I loathe and fear. I have witnessed one accident there and almost another one today. This intersection is close to a fire department and hospital. I know that a few times a day that ambulances and fire trucks go through that intersection. When I witnessed the accident, an ambulance and a fire truck went thru the section with their lights and sirens going. Today, I was at that stop light and I was again the lead car. I heard sirens so I rolled down my window to find out what direction it was coming from since I couldn't see any lights in my mirrors. An ambulance was coming down the hill to my right. He slowed down and turned left onto the Rock Rd. Right after he went thru, a firebird came through the intersection and was half way through before the driver realized the ambulance in front of him had the lights and sirens going. The driver did slow down. I sat there shaking my head in disbelief. Don't you think that if you came upon an intersection and no one was moving that perhaps an emergency vehicle just went thru or was on their way through? Don't you think you should maybe slow down and access the situation to be safe? This is why I do not like this intersection. Thankfully, there are ways I can avoid this area. There are other ways to get to 70 and the other half of the Rock Rd.

Hoping to get out tomorrow. There is a Kids Health and Education expo tomorrow that I want to take Nate to. There are supposed to be some neat things for Nate to do. I do know that Jason's sister and friends are coming over tomorrow night for a game of Buzz. Some trivia game that you play on the Playstation.

I made some yummy snickerdoodles tonight. I didn't bake up all the dough. Oh they are nummy!

Guess thats it for tonight.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I woke up by the telephone ringing at 7:30am. We don't get phone calls this early so it must be important. It was my mom calling to let me know a family friend had been in an accident and was not doing so well. She and 2 other teachers were broadsided by another driver and my friend was in the back with only a lap belt on. The other 2 women are doing ok, but my friend is not. The guy who hit them died. My mom updated me about an hour ago saying that "J" is responding a little bit with a squeeze of a finger and briefly opening her eyes. She will have to go back into surgery this after noon. So far they have given her 35 pints of blood. Please pray that she comes out of this and can go on with life. She is in her early 50's and has 2 wonderful daughters and 2 sweet grandsons. She isn't done living her life. I have known "J" since I was little. Our families started a church in Elkader IA many years ago. "J" and her family are very precious to us.

Discovered something really cool last week. When we travel up to Jason's folks, it's a 4 hour ride. We like to take the lap top to play movies for Nate. I have noticed that the sound isn't that great. I was looking into getting some external speakers to hook up to the lap top to help with the sound. I found some at Target and they were about $25. Didn't buy them. I wanted Jason's opinion b/4 buying something. Jason mentioned something about his work laptop had speakers that we could use. But he found something else instead. Back when my old cars didn't have CD's, just cassettes, I bought an adapter for my personal CD player. I think you all know what I am talking about. Jason had one too. He found them and we decided to see if we could use it with the lap top. Took the adapter and lap top out to the van and hooked it up and now we can hear the movies thru the vans sound system! Rock on! :)

Here is a pic of a custom that a wonderful WAHM (work at home mom) did for us. I love the tee shirt! I haven't figured out how to make it so you can just click on the link. Just copy and paste to see the work.

Nothing else is going on. Maybe I will have more later.