Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby to do list

I had a great baby appt today! Both heart beats are great! I am a little over 30 weeks along. My blood pressure was great too! 120 over 83. I am so pleased with that. Dr McDonald and I were talking that these two babes could come in 6 weeks or so! Ok, so not ready to hear that. I am not ready. We have two car seats so thats good. We have one crib and mattress so they have somewhere to sleep. I would prefer them to be in a pack n play in our room at least for the first few weeks. I do have a couple of newborn sleepers. I do need some diapers. I guess if they come in 6 weeks, I am sorta ready but not mentally! The more I feel them kicking and moving, I can't wait to meet them! I can't wait to see their faces and kiss them and love on them.
Tonight, I started making a list of things we still need to get and a list of things to get done by Thanksgiving. Here is the list:
To buy:
crib bumper and skirt- find fabric for my mom to make if possible, doesn't need to be done till March or so.
mattress cover
2 sheets
pack n play- would like to find used with a bassinet
few more sleepers
new born socks
diapers, KLOs and covers- need to ask a friend for a good deal on these
couple packs of either newborn or preemie huggies
2 towels
snap n go frame- bought a double frame on Craigslist, but it won't work with our car seats. If I bought a brand new one, it would. Will have to put in on craigslist and get my money back.
new born pacies
boppy cover- my boppy is ok, but would like to find a cute, soft cover for it. I am thinking blue minky!
2 packs new born onesies
extra sheet for pack n play
baskets, 4- for diaper storage
breast pump. Found out the insurance company doesn't cover the cost on this. I was hopeful!
Buy blackout curtains
radio with a cd feature for baby cd lullabyes.- another craigslist purchase

Here is the to do list:
Clean out nursery
touch up paint
put together crib
wash clothes
get dresser fixed
bring up changing pads and wash covers, all 4
wash breast pads
fix bumper ties
vacuum and scrub floor
wash windows

I am sure there are other things we need. I need to do a walk thru Babies R Us and make sure we have everything. It's been 3 years since we had a newborn so I need help remembering.

I guess this is it. I am going to take some time tonight and go thru the clothes I put away from when Nate was a newborn and wash them. I am going to wash the other clothes and the blankets I bought too.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Belly pictures!

I didn't get to post pictures of my pregnant belly when I was pregnant with Nate. I think I have maybe 2 pictures all together. Never crossed my mind. Have know clue why?! This time around, I have more pictures. Here is a picture that Jason took today. I am 28 1/2 weeks along.


I have one where my belly is bare, but I won't post that here. You get the idea from the picture I have posted.

Tonight, we went to the local YMCA and watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! We watched it outside on a huge screen. It was a perfect night. Chilly enough to wear hats and mittens for Nate and wrap blankets around us. They had popcorn and hot chocolate there too. I brought cinnamon graham crackers and Jason bought the popcorn and hot chocolate. Nate pigged out on both things. He had so much fun tonight! He has seen this movie/show at least 15 times so far. He loves it!

I wanted to post some pics of the boys. Jason scanned in the latest pictures from the ultrasound from Thursday. I hadn't seen them since August and I was excited! The pics here are 3d. The top one is of the head with an arm across the face. Bashful! The second one you can see the face, eyes, nose and mouth. Very cool.


Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mission Accomplished

I went through Nate's dresser drawers and closet and cleaned out the summer things and put them in the nursery until I can find a tub to put them in. I also went through all the new fall and winter clothes, washed and put them away. I did go out last night and got him another pj set for the winter and also sleep socks and regular socks. The sleep socks are from Old Navy and they are thick and don't come off easy. I got everything put away and I think he is set for the winter! He also got a pair of church shoes today. Found them at Kohls for $16 instead of $30! I love saving money! Thanks to people giving him things for birthday and last Christmas, and what I found on clearance at the end of winter, he is set!

I am off in about 45 mins to head to a friends house to stamp tonight. She is having a stamping party and I can't wait! I haven't sat down to stamp in a few months and I am hoping Cathy can get me into stamping again. We are stamping cards tonight. It will be a good time! I get the luxury of being in the car for an hour by myself too! I treasure those times. I even went out and bought a Chonda Pierce cd last night. She is a Christian comedian and she is very funny! I also found with the help of a sales associate at Life Way bookstore, a cd of hymns. I have been on the look out for a cd like this. I am particular about what I was looking for. I wanted to hear hymns just you would sing out of a hymnal at church. I don't like when they mess with songs to make them unique. The sales guy let me open the cd and listen to it before I bought it. How nice! He said they can shrink wrap it again after if I didn't like the cd. That was very helpful.

Ok, off to get ready to head out. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Babies Update

I went in for a measurement scan today. I couldn't wait to see the boys again. I hadn't seen them since August. Both had grown so much! Baby A is on my right and is head down with his feet in my ribs. He is 2lbs 9oz. Baby B is on my left with his head in my ribs. He is 2lbs 15oz. My ob is very happy with the weight. So am I! I was getting worried because I couldn't feel Baby B very much and didn't know what position he was in. Also, his placenta is between him and my uterus. That is why I can't feel him very much. It is like a cushion. Baby A's placenta is between the baby and my back. I hope this makes sense! Both heart rates are good. My blood pressure is good and I passed my glucose test!! If I can, I will try and scan the pics from the ultrasound. The tech did 2 pics with 3D. One has his arm in front of his face and the other one you can see the eyes, nose and mouth! Not too much longer and I get to see both of these cuties!

Have a wonderful night!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am super excited!

I want to share an article that I saw in our newspaper today. Here is the link:

I have known Eric and Sierra for 3 years now. I attended the Thursday's nursing group for close to 2 years. They are the owners of Kangaroo Kids. It is a resale shop for kids clothes and equipment and maternity clothes. They also offer nursing support. Every Thursday Sierra holds a nursing group with in the store. She is a lactation consultant. The article is about her husband wanting to be a LC also! I am so excited for him! He knows just as much about nursing as Sierra since he has been exposed to it for so long. They are the sweetest people and are so helpful. I can't wait to start in the nursing group once more once my twins are born!

Onto other news. Nothing really going on here. I am enjoying the cooler weather. The cloudy days kinda match my mood lately. Nate and I have been having fun outside. He is really getting good at riding his scooter. He can go really anywhere with it!

Most of you know that I cloth diaper our son. I am on a message board with other mamas who cloth diaper too. You can buy, sell and trade diapers on this site. We also talk about things pertaining to being a mom, having kids, life. It's a fun and fast moving forum. I have been a member for 1 1/2 years. I have come to learn alot about cloth diapers and all the types of diapers out there. Whats great about this board is that you can buy used diapers. Now that may seem odd to some of you and you might think that it's gross. I must tell you tho, these mamas take special care of their diapers because they know they can sell them and get some of their money back. I have boughten a few used diapers and aside from the fleece being a bit pilly (from normal washing) to the print being a bit faded, these diapers are in excellent condition. You can get a really nice diaper for a nice price. Over the 2 1/2 years of cloth diapering, I have found what works for me and what doesn't. Right now my stash (my diapers) is set. I like what I have and it works for me and Nate. Although, I hope Nate will potty train sometime in the next decade or so :) As I was going through the diapers we have and putting them in a container waiting for the twins to get here, I ran across 2 diaper covers that I had really liked. They are wool. I bought one when I first started cloth diapering Nate and then bought another one used this past summer. However, Nate has outgrown them. I am sad because these covers are bullet proof. Meaning, they are leak proof. I absolutely love them. So, I decided to look today on my forum and see if there are any being sold. The brand is Sugar Peas. Here is the link to their page and the covers you see in the top right corner are the ones I love.
I have a natural color with teal thread, and older version I believe and a navy one. If I had the money, I would buy one in every color! They have different types of wool. Australian double knit wool and Wool flannel. I am not sure which one I would get, possibly both! I would buy them in mediums since it seemed Nate was in mediums the longest. Oh to have money to get them all. I have entertained the thought of getting them used. I have seen them on my forum for used ones and the prices aren't too bad. Retail they are $25. If I could get them for $15-$18 I would be happy. Well, so far, I cannot find any retailer who sells both types of wool covers. If I had $100, I would buy 4 of the wool flannel diapers. I just can't get enough of looking at the colors for these covers! Ok, enough drooling on my part!

This Friday I am heading out to Wright City to a friends house to attend a stamping party! I haven't been stamping in a long time. I have lots of material and stamps to make pretty cards and such, but I lost the love somewhere. I am hoping that Cathy (hostess) can help me get the love back! I am looking forward to a night of girl talk, laughing and having a good time. Oh, stamping too! It will be a full 5 hours of fun. Oh, and it's an hour drive to get there. Oh, one hour of driving w/o a 3 year olds chatter the whole way. Blissful peace! I better find a cd or 2 to listen to. No bible songs or stories or toddler tunes. Nice break.

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love when it gets chilly. I love the scents that come with fall. Cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin. Anything spicy! I love seeing the colors change. Raking up the leaves for Nate and Jackson to play in. Yes, our outside loving dog loves to roll around in the pile of leaves. I love having to hunt for a jacket to wear. Cozying up to a fire pit. Planting mums in my front yard. Hunting for pumpkins. I can take or leave Halloween. I enjoy watching the younger generation get excited about trick or treating. I will take Nate to Old St Charles on Halloween with a friend and her 4 boys to go trick or treating. Jason will take Nate out that night while I stay home and hand out candy. After we put Nate to bed, we usually head over to the neighbors and sit around their fire pit and chat. It ends up being a fun night. The thing I really look forward to is Thanksgiving. I enjoy getting together with family. Eating yummy food. This year will probably be just the 3 of us. I don't really want to travel when I will be almost 8 1/2 mos pregnant. If I was pregnant with just one, I would but not with twins!

Ok, enough for today. I need to work on laundry and straighten up the kitchen. I need to marinate a couple of pork chops so we can grill them tonight. Yummy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some more pictures

I am finally getting brave to show some belly pictures. This picture was taken about 8 weeks ago. I have gotten a bit bigger since then. I don't really like the bare belly look. Those shorts I am wearing, I put on yesterday and they aren't fitting anymore. I am getting too big for them! I am going to see if Jason will take a couple of pics tomorrow night. I am 27weeks today!

August Pics 019 (Medium)

Here is another pic of my bare baby belly and Nate trying to kiss the babies! He is so sweet!

August Pics 017 (Medium)

Nate will come up and try and hug the babies once in a while. I love him so much! He found out what cow pies were this weekend! He kept talking about them. It was so funny hearing him say "Cow pies". Funny guy. He had Jason and me cracking up laughing!

Have a good night!

Time to add pictures

I didn't get time last night to add pictures like I wanted to. I was in bed and sleeping by 8:45pm. I was tired! I did wake up around 10 or so and couldn't go back to sleep. By then the babies decided it was play time for them and kept me awake for quite some time. I admit, I was getting a bit annoyed but was happy that both were messing around. One of the babies is pretty laid back. Doesn't move a whole lot, but the other baby, watch out! He moves so much and kicks all the time. Makes me wonder what type of temperament he will have.

Here are the pics of the chairs. The first is a before picture. I forgot to take a picture before the chair was disassembled, but you get the idea.

NateVisitGma 051 (Small)

You can see how dingy and yucky the seat covers were, yuck! The next picture is the finished product! My dad did an awesome job sanding and spray painting the chairs. The green is actually darker than it shows in the picture. The material is left over from the curtains my mom made me. The lady at the fabric shop over measured when I went to buy fabric for my curtains. Ended up being ok because I had enough fabric for 5 chairs!

NateVisitGma 054 (Small)

Thats all I have. I need to work on the base of the table. I am going to paint it the same green. I wish I could do something with the top, but it will have to stay the way it is. With this wonderful makeover of the chairs, this should last us till the kids are old enough not to destroy things! My dad put the chairs back together better than they were before.

Time to head off to bed.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A quick post

I haven't posted in a long while. Too many things going on here to have the time to post. Thought I would give a quick update and hopefully tonight add some pictures if I can get them off the camera and onto the computer.

Babies are doing fine. My last appt was the 11th of Sept. Heartbeats were strong. Both my ob and I are happy with the way the pregnancy is going. No problems. I have another appt I believe on the 17th. I guess I better call to find out. I misplaced my appt. notice. I will have a measurement scan to make sure that both babies are growing on schedule. Can't wait to see them in the ultrasound! I have a feeling they have changed positions since my big ultrasound in August. I would like to know where they are laying so that I can keep an eye on their movements. Sometime towards the end of a pregnancy, the doctor wants a mama to monitor movements so they can catch something quickly if something is wrong. I have one baby that moves all the time and the other only a few times a day. Last night they kept me up and I just couldn't fall asleep. I hope they don't try that again tonight. This mama needs her beauty sleep!!

Nate had a good 3rd birthday. He had 2 parties. One on the farm and then one here. I think so far his favorite toy would be the 3 wheeled scooter that daddy and I bought for him. I don't know if we have any pictures of him riding it. I will have to go looking. He is in a new room now. We moved the office to the back room and made a big boy room for him. He has a new big boy bed that he loves! I think he really likes it cause daddy can lay with him at night and read his bed time stories.

This past week, my parents came down for the day to help me get some things done around here before these babies come. My bathroom needed a make over and it got one! It went from heather purple to taupe and beige. I think the names of the colors are Wild Honey and Toasted Marshmellow. I bought a new shower curtain that is black and beige. My mom and I worked in there all day and my dad did a make over on my kitchen chairs! They were so ugly and dirty, yuck! We took the cushions off and then dad sanded the chairs and spray painted them a really pretty green. I had some material leftover from when my mom made my curtains so we recovered the cushions with that. Oh my, what a big difference! I love my table now! It was a cheapy table from the bargain box in the paper. This was before we knew about craigslist. I do need to sand down the base of the table and then spray paint that and we should be done. At Nate's party here, my dad, brother and Jason put in closet organizers in Nate's new room and the nursery. That will help so much when I need to organize. It makes the closet so much more user friendly.
This past weekend, Jason took Nate and went to his folks farm for the weekend. It was my last weekend alone before these twins come. I needed it! I really didn't get anything done, but I did spend some time with a friend Friday night and Saturday night. Michelle and I went thru our cookbooks looking up recipes that can be frozen. We are wanting to put some meals in our freezers for quick and easy suppers. She has 4 boys and we will soon have 3 boys. We need easy in our homes! Nate and Jason had a good time on the farm.

Ok, off to finish supper. I will try to add pics tonight after Nate is in bed and I have loaded the pics from the camera to the computer.