Friday, June 15, 2007

No more fishes swimming in the bowl

I went to clean out the fish bowl the other day. Did everything I normally do. I didn't put the plastic plant back, but everything else was done the same way. Anyway, that night, one the fishes died. The next morning, the other one died. I guess it was the reverse osmosis water and not distilled water that killed them. Who knows. Maybe they got used to the icky water and didn't like the fresh new water.
On a brighter note, Grandpa and Grandma Starbuck are coming for the weekend. Kathy likes to go garage saleing here. We are all going with her. It's always fun looking for bargains.
Been posting on and as a help for Nikki at Jacks Magic Beanstalk, aka, JMBS. If you don't know what's been going on, check out my last post. It will fill you in on my new adventure. After reading alot of post about women using wool for diapers, that has got me wondering and wanting to start knitting or crocheting and making my own diapers. There are some really cute diaper covers that look like shorts or capris, or pants. I will do some research to find a couple of examples of what I want to make. I did find a website that has videos you can watch to get started on knitting. I am hoping to ask my mom or grandma to help show me. I learned how to crochet when I was younger and still remember how. The covers that are knitted are so cute.
Ok, need to get going and straighten up the front room before Jason's folks get here. When Jason gets home, he will be put to work! Watch out Jason!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

New Adventure

Ever since I had started cloth diapering Nate, I really got into the whole idea. I didn't want to own my own store, or web site. I wanted to get into it by advertising for someone. Well, back in March, I approached a friend whom I bought my initial diapers from and a few since then. She own Jacks Magic Bean Stalk. Check it out: She and I met officially last night for a few hours. I will start with one home party here at the house. We will see how that goes. She is going to put together a "kit" for me to buy that consists of quite a selection of diapers, wipes, bottom cream that she has developed, slings, etc. All the diapers will be in Nate's size so that I can use him as a model when showing how to use the diapers. I do have a doll that might work too. I will use him when showing how to use the slings. She gave me business cards, brochures,and other types of cards to pass out to any store that will be ok with advertise. I don't know when I will have my first party. I am guessing as soon as I have my kit and supplies. I am excited, yet nervous that I will forget something when I need to order things for people. I will probably have Nikki here for the first time just so that I can have her watch and make sure all goes well. I am also going to be at her house making wipes and doublers, filling orders and shipping and possibly stocking for her.
Nate and I took off for the swimming pool today. Didn't know what he would think of it. It was pretty windy so I knew that the water would be cooler. He wasn't too sure of it all. He pretty much clung to me. I did have him walking around the wading area but he was clutching my hand the whole time. I would like to take him back so he gets used to it. This is the boy who loves to take baths! Go figure!
Nothing else is going on. Been wanting to declutter some rooms again. I think I will start on the bedroom. I have some clothes that need to go either to the basement in winter storage or goodwill. Jason I think needs to go thru all his tshirts and give to good will. He has so many that he hasn't touched some in a long ,long time.
Nikki and I met at St Louis Bread Co for our meeting. I knew towards the end, I wanted to get a pastry. We both got up to get one and they were closing the pastry side so they filled up bags with all kinds of pastries and were giving the bags away! I think I got at least $15 worth of goodies for free! I had no idea they did that. I had a chocolate croissant this morning. Yummy. Hmm, I wonder what I will have tomorrow morning! Pop something in the toaster oven to warm up. Yummy!
Now that I have talked about cleaning up the bedroom, I am ansy to get started. So I will sign off and bid all of you goodnight.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Time to slow down

All of May seem to fly by and we were so busy every weekend. Yesterday is the last Saturday that we have anything going on. I am grateful for that. As much as I like socializing with so many people, I am ready for a few weeks of nothing. Nate and I haven't been to a park lately, been to the library, swimming yet. Just so much going. I am looking forward to a quiet week. I am going to check out our local swimming hole and see when that opens. I would like to get a season pass, but if Nate balks at the idea of swimming, I don't want to spend the money and not use that pass as much as we normally would. I am thinking of getting a membership to the Zoo also. I was thinking about it a while ago and then rethought everything because of gas prices, but we like the zoo so much and it is very educating for Nate. We have been 2 times this spring and still haven't seen everything. We try to get there when it opens and then head home around noon, or shortly there after with a picnic in the zoo.
Went to a beautiful wedding Friday nite at the Jewel Box in Forest Park. The reception was at Orlando Gardens right on the other side of 270 from us. We were home by 11:30pm. The next day we went garage saleing. Nate was at my parents house overnight so that freed Jason and I up to go out saleing without Nate. We found a Little Tikes garden for $5, a toddler bed for $7, games, books for 10 cents a piece. Had a good time. Nate was missed mostly by daddy but when we were going to pick him up, I realized I had been missing him too. Home for a lunch and bed for a nap and then we headed out to Columbia for a graduation party. We packed up things to stay in a hotel but decided not to stay. We got home around 12:30am. We just hung around here for the morning. About 11, we took off for Florrisant to visit a furniture shop. I had found a kitchen table on craigslist and fell in love with it. I didn't see the one I wanted, but got to see one like it, just different color. The store did have different tables so I am going to go back on my own sometime and take a look. We stopped of at Wingstop to pick up some lunch. Got home and I found out they had messed up my order. Normally I would let it go and just eat what they had given me, but I asked for Hawaiian BBQ and they gave me Hickory Smoke. Too spicy for me. They were good about what happened and said that they would redo my order for free. So, off I went to get that and Jason put Nate down for a nap.
I am going to sign off, change clothes and go and help Jason clean the garage.