Friday, November 28, 2008

The other outfit has been found

Before I posted here last about the coming home outfit, I posted on the message board that I am a member of. I figured there was a mama somewhere that could help me. There was! With in a few minutes of my posting there, a mama spoke up and said that there was an outfit on hold for me at a Babies R Us in Indiana! I called the number she gave me and I was able to buy the item over the phone and for $5 shipping, they would send it to me! It arrived today! It's pretty cool how other mamas help each other out and we don't really know each other but for the message board. My sister-in-law tried to help too but couldn't find anything at the Babies R Us near her. Thank you Tiffani for trying to help! I appreciated that!

The boys are going to look so handsome in their coming home outfits! I can't wait for them to be born and get pictures of them.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In need of some help, please

For the longest time, I was looking for the right outfits to bring the twins home in. I searched so many places on the internet. I couldn't find what I wanted so I ended up with two different outfits. However, last night while at Babies R Us, I found the perfect outfit. Just what I was looking for. They had one newborn size. I picked it up today and called around to 3 other Babies R Us stores to see if they had any newborn size. None of the stores did. My sister-in-law looked at a store in Springfield Ill and couldn't find any there. Here is a picture of the outfit. It is a Koala Baby Boutique piece. It is knitted. Blue, gray and white striped. I could use some help please finding another one.

Here is one close up of the colors:


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Picture of the day

I haven't bragged about Nate lately. So I thought I would show you this picture. He is so stinkin' cute here. On Friday, I decided we should make up some cinnamon rolls. Here he is rolling out the dough! Enjoy!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gettin' antsy for the arrival of my boys

Each day I feel these boys move, I can't wait to meet them! Oh, we haven't shared the names yet. We finally chose another name. Maybe we should wait till they are born to share the names? Would that be too mean of us?!!

So far, the crib is up, the linens are washed, baby clothes are 3/4 of the way washed. I have one more basket of clothes to wash. Thanks to a friend and our neighbor, we have more newborn clothes and more onesies! I think I have a total of 12 onesies and will have 5 more sometime this week when my friend sends them to me. I clean up the diaper bag as best as possible. It doesn't look too bad for me using it for the past 3 years. Thankfully the bottom is black and the main color is dark red so dirt really doesn't show. I have laid out a few outfits, onesies, socks and 2 blankets ready to add to the diaper bag to take to the hospital. I am going to install the bases for the car seats right after Thanksgiving. Nate will be moved to the back of the van then. I still need to pack up a bag for myself and get some snacks ready also. Don't know how much they will let me eat while in labor. Jason needs to make sure the batteries for the camera are ready and I am going to make sure the lap top is ready to go to as I want to take it along. I may load up a couple CD's for the time there. Movies too as they have a dvd player. I am waiting on an order of cloth diapers. Probably won't cloth diaper in the hospital but I need to have them washed and ready to go when we get home. I still need to get some covers too. I also need to buy some preemie and infant prefolds and a couple more snappis for those. I don't pin prefolds. I am pin challenged! Oh, I have someone who will make me some newborn and small covers with some fleece I bought. Just need to get a pattern for her and go see her. Thankfully she lives not far from here.

On Fridays Jason and I attend a bible study at our church. Before we started the study last Friday night, the leader showed us this video. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Check it out!

It didn't have anything to do with our study, but it was hilarious. The guy is Tim Hawkins. He is from St Louis.

Our wonderful neighbor has a cute little chalkboard with Santa on it and you can right down how many days are left till Christmas. She nicely let me know there are around 45 days left! Yikes! Thankfully, I am almost done with Jason and still need some things for Nate. I have 2 things coming in the mail for him but can't come up with anything else. This is terrible. I should have a whole list of things to spoil my son with. We get enough magazines in the mail to get ideas. Guess I need to look at them again.

Well, guess I don't have much more to say. I have been wanting to get to the library and get some new books.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another baby update

We had a wonderful baby appt yesterday. Jason said that he would have time to come with me so that was awesome! It may be the last time we see the boys before they are born. The ultrasound was great! Baby A is a little over 4lbs and Baby B is a little over 5lbs. Baby B is now head down. Sometime in the past 2 weeks he decided that being head down is more fun! We have no problems with that. Both heartbeats are great too. I have been feeling pretty good. I can feel I am getting towards the end as I am tired now all day and needing to lay down 2 times in the day. Also, my lower back is popping all the time. Everything is getting loosened up!

Been looking at my huge to buy and to do list and I can cross of a few things thankfully! I changed my mind again with the stroller. We are going to wait till right before Jason goes back to work after the boys are born to buy the Snap n Go frame. We decided that would be the easiest thing to do and when the boys can sit up unassisted, then we will look into a double stroller. That way we have more options of what we want in a stroller not what we need. I was able to sell the stroller we bought on craigslist and get my money back. The only thing I really need is a pack n play with a bassinet. I want the boys in our room not the nursery. I mentioned on my message board that I still needed some onesies and a friend who is also due in Jan said that she had more than what she needed and said that for $3 shipping, I could have as many as I needed. I figured 5 would do fine to add to what I have. She is so sweet! Another friend gave me a tub full of clothes last night and in there were some onesies also! We are so blessed with friends. I finally found 2 coming home/first picture outfits. I found them at JC Penny. They are velour. One is navy blue and the other is a soft kelly green. They are simple but very nice. I also found 2 Baby's First Christmas outfits. They are the same, but I thought it would be fun to have a couple outfits if the boys to make an appearance before Christmas.

I had better stop and figure out what to do for supper. I am just so tired I have no clue what I am going to make. Wish me luck! We have bible study tonight so it needs to be simple and quick.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Change of plans

As my previous post stated, I was looking for a Snap n go frame double stroller. Well, today I had a thought. I realized that when the babies outgrow their infant seats, I would have to get another double stroller with seats. So,I started doing some research to find another stroller that had seats but I can put 2 infant seats in it as well. So this is the stroller I found so far. I am still doing some research to see if there is another stroller out there.

So I don't need help anymore with the snap n go frame after all.

Tomorrow afternoon, Jason and I are going to tour the maternity floor at St Lukes. Then we are going on a date after! We have a friend babysitting for us so we are going to take advantage and have some time to ourselves. I am thinking of taking Jason to Babie R Us so he can see the stroller too. Would like his input.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping and laundry day. Lots to do!

On a mission

I am on a mission to save some money on a stroller that we need to buy. As you all know, we are having twins and I would love to get my hands on this stroller:

I posted a ISO on craigslist and someone responded with a EEEUC one for $50! We bought it and found out that our Britax Companion infant seats aren't compatible with this stroller only because it is older. Now, it is only 1 1/2 years old. I thought it was new enough but it isn't. Now, I am going to put it on craigslist and get our $50 back.

My mission: To find this stroller for as cheap as possible. I can go right to Babies R Us and buy it for $99, however, the frugal side of me wants to find it cheaper or buy it with a really good coupon.

Can anyone help us? I can not have a used one as it isn't compatible with our car seats. If anyone knows of a really good coupon to Babies R Us please let me know where I can find it. If anyone knows of a great web site for coupons and can find one for a store that has this stroller, please let me know! If in the end, I can't buy it with a coupon, I will pay full price. It is a need/necessary item for us. I am hoping to find one in the next 4 weeks or so.

Thanks to all who can help! I appreciate it!