Monday, December 29, 2008

A picture I just had to share

The other night, Nate was playing so nicely by himself while I was puttering around the house. I saw him playing with his toy cars near the water cooler. After that it was bedtime. As I have a cold, I have been drinking alot of cold water and munching on ice. Ice seems to keep the coughs away. Anyways, I went to fill up my cup at my water cooler and this is what I find! I couldn't resist taking a picture. I just smiled at what I saw!

Ahh, having a little boy, who is all boy, in the house is quite the adventure! Don't know what you will find next. I just try and imagine whats going thru his mind when he does things like this. Nate makes me smile!

On the baby front: Nothing still. We were scheduled for a C-section this morning but after much talk, thinking, and prayer, we decided not to have it. After lots of prayer on my part, I felt that we could hold off. This past week I strained a muscle in my back and then on Sat while I was coughing, I felt the muscle snap. I have been in lots of pain since then. I was finally able to talk with my ob last night. She still feels the c-section is the way to go even tho she knows how I feel about it. She isn't pushing me to do the c-section. I do respect her for her thoughts on everything too. She has some valid points. If this was a singleton pregnancy, I have a feeling she would be more than ok with waiting till my due date to decide anything. Being twins, thats a bit more complicated. We are both worried about how big I am getting. Putting extra strain on the uterus. Jason and I still need to talk more about this. I am tempted to get ahold of a doula (birth coach) and see what she has to say. I need some advice from someone who is knowledgeable in the whole birthing process and such. Anyways, after talking with my ob last night, she called in a prescription for some pain medicine. My wonderful husband went out last night at around 10pm and picked up the prescription! I took 2 right away and with in an hour, I was feeling better. My back still hurts, but not like it was. I slept on the couch so I could sleep more upright b/c of the coughing. I actually slept till around 4am and then my coughing started in. My coughing is finally done. Seems to be a pattern where I stay up for an hour and cough and then it's done and I can go back to bed.
I am off to bed. Please continue to pray for us as we make a decision that is right for us concerning the babies. It is not an easy decision. My arms ache to hold my little ones, but they need to stay where they are for a little bit longer.

I hope the next time I post, it will be to introduce the twinkies!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Please pray for me and the babies

Thankfully this post isn't anything bad or urgent. The babies and I are fine. I had an appt today and the heart beats are strong. Last Thursday, Jason went with me to the appt because I was having my last ultrasound. Both boys look great. Baby A has lots of hair so should be interesting to see what it looks like when he is born. Is he going to be blond like his older brother or red like mine? We don't know much about Baby B in the hair dept. so that should be interesting too. I have a feeling they are both going to take after big brother and be blond. Baby A is still head down but his body is more to my right and not up and down so it would allow for an easy delivery. We spoke with my ob and we decided that because of the position he is in it would be safer with a c-section. I am sad. I wanted to go for a normal delivery. I still have time between now and Monday morning to go into labor on my own. We have a date of Monday the 29th at 7:30am for a scheduled c-section. I don't want this. I am not due till the 14th of Jan. but we don't want to go so far that the babies get so big and put stress on the scar that is already there. It could cause an uterine rupture and that is not what I need.
My prayer request is this: The Lord give me peace about our decision or give me some sort of insight on what to do. The Lord gets my body to start labor on it's own. I would love this! Also that Baby A would move his position if need be so I can labor naturally if this is really a problem. Part of me wants to cancel the c-section and just continue on with the pregnancy and see what happens but I am really afraid of the babies getting so big that it causes stress on the scar that is already there from my previous c-section with Nate. I have been praying about all this for some time now. I gave this whole pregnancy up to the Lord back when I was having trouble with my heart. The Lord has been so giving to me and has kept the babies and myself safe through this pregnancy. I am blessed. I just want the Lords will in this situation. I want some peace too.
Please pray for the babies and me. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

36 weeks!

I am so excited to report that I am 36 weeks pregnant! I feel so blessed to have come this far with twins and not have any type of complications where the babies are concerned. I would like to send them an eviction notice pretty soon tho! I am tired, achy, and whatever else you can be when you are this far along in a pregnancy. Oh, emotional too. Just ask Jason! As of last Thursday at my dr's appt, there is no progress of any sort towards labor. I get to have an ultrasound this Thursday and then a talk with the dr after. This will be my last ultrasound before I get to hold my babies! I am officially down to every week appt now with my dr.

Last Tuesday night, some wonderful ladies gave me some really cute outfits, blankets and burp rags. All has been washed and ready for the boys to come home. 2 other friends took me to lunch at a tea room on Saturday and I recieved some cute things from them too. I was able to do a load of items including the coming home outfits. I just need to add a few more things to my bag and I should be ready to head out the door should I go into labor anytime soon.

I an almost done wrapping gifts. I have 2 more things to wrap for Saturday get together with my family. I can't wait for our nephews to open their gifts this year. Oh, can't wait to pick up the ham on Saturday too. It's a yummy ham! I still have one more or maybe two more things to buy for Jason. One he isn't even expecting and I can't wait to have him open it on Christmas morning.

Ok, time to clean up from supper and then head out to the library and a another place but can't say in case Jason reads this and figures out where I am getting his gift! Nice try hon! I can still fool you yet!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Party

We attended a Christmas party with our Bible study group this evening. It was wonderful! I felt like such an adult tonight! I got to dress up a bit, get out of the house and socialize with other adults, eat w/o helping someone else. The list goes on! It was a child free party and that was nice. We had some wonderful food tonight. We played 2 games after the meal that was lots of fun and there was lots of laughter.

I installed one car seat yesterday to see how the base installs and then added the infant seat into the base. Yeah, no one is going to be able to ride with me now! I had to pull the passenger seat up just to accommodate the seat. Anyone who rides with me is going to have their knees against the dash. My seat will have to move up a bit too. At least it's only for a year. When we move the babies to a bigger seat, I would like to keep them rear facing till at least 18 mos or so, so that means the seats might not fit either. Jason mentioned switching vans. That means I get the Dodge back. I am not sure how I feel about that as I have come to love and appreciate my Mazda. If we had the money, I would love to get a bigger vehicle. When we bought the Mazda, we didn't know we would be having 2 more babies and at the same time. I would like to find a used SUV, like a Suburban or something like it. Probably go foreign. Toyota has the Sequoia but I don't know much about it. We will make do with what we have because it's nice not to have any type of car payment!

I have packed 3/4 of my hospital bag. The baby stuff is in there. I still need to add a few pieces of clothing. I have my bathroom bag packed. There is a list of "Don't Forget" items sitting on the bag. Last minute things like pillow, snacks, and the like. Cameras too. Jason is responsible for that.

Babies are doing fine. They were both moving alot tonight at the party. B had the hiccups that Jason got to feel the movements. It's getting harder to get out of chairs and couches now. I stopped sitting on the floor too. If you want some good laughs, just come over and watch me get out of said couch or off said floor. Pretty funny! By bedtime, I am ready to lay down. I need the rest. I am guessing Nate is getting tired of mommy not sitting on the floor with him. I do sit on the couch, but then I have roll to the side to get off. I don't move very fast either. I have another routine appt on Thursday. I am hoping my blood pressure stays normal as it has in the past. I will be 35 on Tuesday. One more week and I have one month left. My last month with Nate I was put on blood pressure medicine and I am hoping to avoid that this time around. Who knows, I might have these two by 36 weeks and not have to worry about my blood pressure.

Nate is doing well! He is learning daily by asking lots of questions and is very observant. He is totally into Vegie Tales right now. He can sing a few of the songs. Yeah, I hear them daily! He loves to take the cd's in the van to listen too. He loves the Silly Song videos that Vegie Tales put out. One of his gifts for Christmas is The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything! I can't wait to see his face when he opens that on Christmas Day. I can't wait to start making Christmas cookies with him too. He love to roll things out, dump things into the mixing bowl. He's a good baking helper!

Been busy shopping for my guys. I am done shopping for Nate and have most of his gifts wrapped. Jason is 3/4 the way done. He finally gave me a list and I am surprised to see that I have bought lots of things already just by listening to what he wants. Most things I have bought are wrapped for him also. I still need to buy for our niece and nephews. I hope to get those things done this Wed and Thursday. I would like to get going on my baking too.

Time to end for the night. Hope you all have a wonderful week!