Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sad time at the Starbuck household

As you all noticed in the last posting of my blog, I said that we were pregnant. Well, on a sad note, I miscarried on Monday the 24th. According to my blood test and the numbers that my ob had to look for, my progesterone levels were low. I had the same thing with Nate but my former ob caught it fast enough and started me on the progesterone pills. I hope that my current ob will do that before we try and have another baby. I am going to try and get my health back on track so we wont be trying for a while.

On a happier note, we were visiting Jason's parents this weekend. They had the family auction on Saturday. Jason was able to find a few things he wanted. I will let him talk about them in his blog.
The mule we are always talking about Nate riding, small farm tractor, was part of Jason's grandfathers estate so it was at the auction. Nate wasn't too happy that he couldn't ride it and didn't understand why. Thankfully Grandma and Grandpa bid on it and won! The mule is here to stay and Nate is quite happy!

I am looking forward to getting back to life. I am always anxious for a weekend like this past one so the week before I am running around getting things ready and our days are out of whack. I think tomorrow morning, we will be going to get my mums as I always do in the Fall. I can't wait to work on the front of the house getting it decorated for Fall. I wasn't able to get some cornstalks from the farm so I will be buying some this year. This weekend we have a birthday party at a farm in O'Fallon and they will be having pumpkins so we will be picking our pumpkins there.

I had the privilege of getting some older catalogs and magazines from the farm that have sewing, crafting and such in them. I am looking forward to sitting down and looking thru them and getting some ideas.

Have a nice night, morning, day etc.!

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