Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nothing much to say

I am going to post today but this will be the last time for a while. I have so much to get done. We are currently working on Nate's big boy room. We cleared it out and I am cutting in with paint so Jason can do the main painting. We have progress so far. I like that the soft white will brighten up the room.
Babies are fine. Kicking and moving alot. I have a feeling they are fighting for room now. I have another appt in 1 week. Just a general check up.
Nate started parents day out today! He gets to join the bigger kids. I enjoy having the time to get appts taken care of, time to myself, work on the house things like that.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Fall! Enjoy the beautiful colors! I know I will be busy putting in mums in my front flower bed possibly next week.
Take care!

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The Burroughs said...

Hi Lynn,

I am happy to read everything is going well with the babies. Please don't let Jason name them Bucky and Odie! Take it easy.