Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pictures of Nate and Jonathan

Our old camera was broken after the twins were born so Jason went and bought a new one the next day. I was determined to see if the old one could be fixed so I could use that for myself. I knew how to use it and upload the photos to the computer and flickr. I took the camera in to get fixed and the guy quoted me $300 to fix it. Ummm, no thanks. Jasons new camera was less than that brand new. So, I guess I need to learn how to use the new camera. Thankfully it has an Easy button. It does everything for me! So, yesterday, I decided to get some pics of the boys. Riley decided he needed a nap instead so I only got pics of Nate and Jonathan. Here are a few pics of them.

The 2nd one is Jonathan just hanging out on the blanket. The first one is of Nate. He had to get in on the mix and get his picture taken too! I hope to get some photos of Riley today. I have a picture frame that has 3 frames in it that need some photos. I like the one of Jonathan here and hope to get one similar of Riley.

Enjoy the photos!

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J Starbuck said...

Amazon has a used Camera like the old one for $55...