Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Helmet time!

Riley as you can see got his helmet! I love the camo print! Jason said that he can go hunting with Grandpa Starbuck this fall now!! Riley is tolerating his helmet just fine. We are working our way up to 22 hours a day of wearing it. Right now we are one day 3. He wears it 3 times a day for 3 hours at a time. Kinda hard to wear it for 3 hours when you throw nap time in. By tomorrow, he can take naps with it on. By Tuesday, he will wear it over night too. We will take it off every 3-4 hours for a break, check for redness and wipe down his head and helmet. He gets pretty sweaty in it. I am going to ask if they can drill a couple of holes in the back of the helmet for more ventilation. He will have to wear this helmet for 3-6 months depending on how well the helmet works. Since we found his plagicephally early enough, he probably won't have to wear it as long.

Other news: My 33rd birthday was this week. My mom came into town to spend time with me. She made a peach pie that was very yummy! Jason took the day off. My mom babysat all 3 boys so Jason and I could go out for lunch. Thanks mom! We ended up at Walmart to get a few things after lunch. I bought a wireless mouse for my laptop that is awesome!! I also picked up a case for my new digital camera that Jason bought me! I love it! I am having fun taking pictures. I can download/upload pictures right to my laptop and manage the pics that way. The camera is a point and shoot from Pentax. It suits my needs very well. I also received a necklace and earring set from my parents that is beautiful!! Jason also bought me the movie Emma w/Gwenth Paltrow, 2 cds from my favorite Christian, Chonda Pierce and some spending cash. I am need of some nice clothes.

All 3 boys are doing fine. Nate had his last Parents Day Out last Thursday. He will start again next fall. I am thinking we need to schedule in some play dates with some friends this summer. Nate sure enjoys playing with his pals!

Jonathan and Riley are growing like crazy. They are talking all the time and getting louder too! They are enjoying an exersaucer that we are borrowing from a friend. They are getting interested in small toys too. Makes my life a bit easier to be able to entertain them! They are now sitting at the table with us. I brought out the booster chair that straps to a chair. I found another one just like what we have at a yard sale yesterday!! I was so excited! The seat has a tray that hooks on. Kinda like a highchair but for a chair. I need to wipe down the one I just bought and hook it to a chair. Our kitchen is too small for 2 highchairs so this fits our needs just fine. The boys are doing ok with sleeping at night. I stopped giving bottles to Jonathan and nursing Riley at the 3am feeding. A few nights ago, Jonathan woke up and I went in, gave him a paci, patted his bottom and within 2 mins he was fast asleep. I had to do this for a few nights in a row with both of them and last night they slept till 6am this morning!! I don't know how long this is going to last.

Guess thats enough rambling for the day! We have a birthday party to attend this afternoon. Lots of fun!

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