Friday, June 15, 2007

No more fishes swimming in the bowl

I went to clean out the fish bowl the other day. Did everything I normally do. I didn't put the plastic plant back, but everything else was done the same way. Anyway, that night, one the fishes died. The next morning, the other one died. I guess it was the reverse osmosis water and not distilled water that killed them. Who knows. Maybe they got used to the icky water and didn't like the fresh new water.
On a brighter note, Grandpa and Grandma Starbuck are coming for the weekend. Kathy likes to go garage saleing here. We are all going with her. It's always fun looking for bargains.
Been posting on and as a help for Nikki at Jacks Magic Beanstalk, aka, JMBS. If you don't know what's been going on, check out my last post. It will fill you in on my new adventure. After reading alot of post about women using wool for diapers, that has got me wondering and wanting to start knitting or crocheting and making my own diapers. There are some really cute diaper covers that look like shorts or capris, or pants. I will do some research to find a couple of examples of what I want to make. I did find a website that has videos you can watch to get started on knitting. I am hoping to ask my mom or grandma to help show me. I learned how to crochet when I was younger and still remember how. The covers that are knitted are so cute.
Ok, need to get going and straighten up the front room before Jason's folks get here. When Jason gets home, he will be put to work! Watch out Jason!!!

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