Friday, October 26, 2007

Home Alone

Thats right, I am home alone. Jason and Nate headed up to the farm this weekend. Jason felt I needed some time to myself. I tried to persuade him that I was ok, but he insisted. So, they left this morning. I have accomplished the following: Saw my chiropractor and had my back adjusted, dropped off a paper at Nate's ped's office to fill out his medical records so he can go to a Parents Day Out program one day a week, had lunch, grocery shopped, haircut and had my blood drawn. The last was so my ob can get the hormone pregnancy levels. I know that I miscarried over a month ago, but she wanted to make sure my numbers/levels dropped to zero. Oh, I also cleaned out the linen closet and cleaned up my side of the office and was able to wash most of the floor. I also cleaned up the closet floor and vacuumed. There is a vacuum cleaner in the closet that needs to be kicked to the curb. I inherited from my mom and dad. I believe they bought it in either 86 or 87. So, it's 20 years old. They used it, sent it to my brother to use who sent it back to my folks, I think. Then when I got my apartment when I moved here, it was sent to me. It has had a good life. Cleaned lots of floors and done a good job. I was optimistic about keeping it. Just keep fixing the hose, taping up the holes, and it will run fine. However, the hose can no longer be fixed. It is deteriorating. I think I will have a nice send off on Tuesday in time for the garbage truck. Maybe I will take pic's for the good memory.

I don't have plans for tomorrow. I find if I make plans, they don't get done. Maybe a little bit of reading tho. Will be nice to read with out being interrupted 50 thousand times! I am thinking of making a fitted diaper too. I have bought some cute tie-dyed flannel a few weeks ago and would like to take a stab a making a fitted diaper. I have a few web sites that I can look at to help. I have a few diapers that I can use as my form. Wish me luck!

It's late and almost past my bedtime. Maybe I will post more tomorrow!

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Tiffany said...

Hey Lynn,

I'm so sorry to hear about losing the baby. I can only imagine how your heart feels. Just wanted you to know that you are on my heart and mind.

Thinking and praying for you,
Tiff Nevil