Monday, July 7, 2008

One "No Thank You" bite

This is what we tell Nate if we want him to try something new. It works! Tonight we had a yummy beef casserole dish. It has rice, beef, red pepper and salsa. When I prepare Nate's plate, I give him only a little bit as not to overwhelm him. He did take a look at it and got upset. We pretty much ignored him and talked about our day. Nate did notice a plate of finger vegies and asked for one. I gave him a small cucumber with a bit of Ranch dip on it. We said of course, one no thank you bite and he ate the whole piece! It was the size of a quarter. After he ate that, he wanted a carrot and he ate the whole thing! He finally dug into the casserole after daddy made a happy face with ketchup! He will eat anything with a ketchup happy face on it! I was so proud of him for eating something new tonight. By the way, we didn't ignore him the rest of supper. I just don't encourage whinyness at the table.

Nothing new with the babies. Last week I felt some movement. Little flutters and some thumps. Nothing since. I am 14 weeks tomorrow. My next appt is the 21st. I hope to hear the heart beats then. I will have to update then.

Last Monday, I went to visit a friend. While we were there, the doula she hired at her last birth came over. When I found out my friend hired a doula, I wanted to meet her. Jayne is her name and she has 10 kids and I think she said 6 of the 10 kids were born at home. I really like her. She asked me about Nates birth so I told her a short version. Most of you know that I had a C-Section after 12 hours of no progress past 2-3 cm. I told her I was not happy with the birth. After I filled her in, I could tell that she was upset about how the birth of Nate turned out. I am going to be calling her again around 20 weeks and interview her. I have one other doula that I will be calling too.

Guess thats it. Had a good 4th of July. Spent time with my family. Caught some fish with my nephew and we had lots of fun. Ethan made sure he "kissed" the fish before we threw them back in. My dad showed him how to hold a fish by the mouth. Ethan didn't want to and dad said that we were done fishing. Well, Ethan stuck his finger in the fish mouth very quickly!! He didn't want to be done fishing. I think Ethan caught 17 fish that day. Most were sunny's and bluegills. He did catch a small mouth bass at the end. Just a baby one tho. Ethan is just like his daddy and grandpa. Has fishing in his blood!

Take care and have a good week!

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