Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Update

I had my 16 week baby update today. My ob was able to find 2 heart beats! One was 159bpm and the other one was 169bpm. I didn't get to peek at the babies today but we have another appt scheduled in 3 weeks for the big ultrasound. We will look at the heart and find out what we are having in terms of gender! The next 3 weeks can't go by fast enough! Jason is going to come with me to the visit.

Another great piece of news is that my mom called today and said that she is officially cancer free. A little bit of background: The week before July 4th, my dad called and said that he wanted a family meeting. That night, Jason, Nate and I headed up to my parents house. My mom announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were all surprised. My bro and his wife were there too. She had just found out a few weeks before. She said that she was going to have surgery on the 15th of July. They found the lump in the very early stages which was great to hear. Fast forward to the 15th. I went up to my parents the night before to help out that night and the next day and to support. Jason stayed home with Nate so I could focus on my mom. The surgery which was supposed to take 2-2 1/2 hours took 1 1/2 hours. The DR came and talked with my dad and me in the waiting area. She said that the cancer was minimal and contained. They did take some lymph node to see if the cancer had spread anywhere else. They did look at it and it was negative, but they needed to do some more testing and mom and dad would hear the results by today at the latest. Mom was able to come home the same day. Surgery really wiped her out. Dad took the whole week off to help with mom. Their church stepped in to help with meals and my brother and sister-in-law also stepped in to help with whatever needed to be done. Mom called today and said that the lymph node was completely clean and no cancer!!! Praise the Lord.

On Saturday, I watched some friends daughters for the day while they packed up their house getting ready to move that night. They are heading out East for the husbands job. He will be teaching philosophy at a college. Another friend came over with her 3 kids and we all had lots of fun! We ordered pizza, played in the water and watched a movie. There was another mama and her son that came over that I didn't know well from my old church. Her husband was helping the family pack up the truck. I think the whole day went very well! It was a teary goodbye to our friends. We have known them for 5 years now. Thankfully, they will be back next May for the husband to graduate and we can see them then.

Guess thats it. Have a wonderful day!


ashleyann said...

I am so glad to hear your Mom is cancer free. Grandma Kerns let me know a couple weeks before the surgery. Also congratualtions on the twins. I read your post right after you posted it, and I had no idea that twins ran in the family. :) We are moving to Maryland in October, Ryan reenlited for 6 more years. We are excited and are looking forward to the move. Take care.

Love Ashley

Tiffany said...

Hey Lynn...are you speaking of Eric and Kristina?


Judith said...

Lynn so glad all is going well the twins. Any time you want some practice just let me know.


Tiffany said...

hey so it's been 3 you know what you are having? are you keeping pictures from us? are you not going to tell! AH! GASP!