Sunday, January 11, 2009

Puzzle boy

Nate is really into puzzles right now. He was given 24 piece and a 60 piece puzzle for Christmas. After us helping him the first couple of times with the 24 piece puzzle, he can do it all by himself. I watched him put it together. He was really good. I decided to time him. He can put the 24 piece one together in 2 1/2 minutes!!! Now he can put the 60 piece one together in less than 5 minutes! Here is a picture of Nate putting together his tractor puzzle. He brought it with him to the hospital to play with when he visited me.

Nate is up to Grandpa and Grandmas H's house and then over to his Uncle Josh's house for the week. His cousins are excited to spend some time with him and Nate was excited to find out he gets to play with them too. Jason and I are looking forward to a quiet house for a couple of days. I do know that we will start missing him sometime tomorrow! My mom is coming into town to help out for a couple of days. I know that I will be sleeping as much as possible.

As a side note: There will be a lull in picture posting on both blogs as Jason's camera was broken yesterday. It was pushed off a chair and on to the floor on to the view finder that was out. It is jammed and I am hoping to get it fixed so that I can have it for the diaper bag and Jason can have his new camera. Jason just bought a new camera today. He is currently out buying a memory stick and a bag for it. He is getting the battery charged up.

Hope you all have a good Sunday!

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