Thursday, January 8, 2009

I would like to introduce Jonathan David and Riley Charles!

Our 2 new additions to our family! Unfortunately, I do not have pictures at this time. I am waiting for Jason to upload photos to flickr so I can show off the boys! I do have a picture that melts my heart when I see it. It is of Nate and Riley. Grandma brought Nate to visit yesterday morning to meet his brothers. He was cool with the boys, but he thought it was weird to see me here. He asked to hold Riley and so I said hop up on the bed and he did and then he held out his arms to hold him! Here is the picture! Nate is being goofy with his smile.

Enjoy the picture!

Obviously, I didn't get the picture to set right here, but that is of Nate and Riley. Not of Riley and Jonathan. Those pictures will be coming soon.

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