Monday, August 9, 2010

Lots of great pictures from the Fair!!

We headed to Queen City and the farm last Wednesday.  Pioneer Days was to take place Wed-Saturday.  It is the annual county fair and we try very hard not to miss.   

So with out further ado, PICTURES!!!

Grandma and Riley being silly!
Jonathan and myself.

Jonathan checking out the sheep in the barn.    
Our nephew, Matthew relinquishing his 2009 Junior Livestock royalty title.

Matthew showing one of his pigs.
Matthew, again, showing one of his pigs.  You can see my brother in law, Adrian,  in the background holding the orange hog panel.
Jonathan exploring the square.  He loved walking everywhere!
Riley hanging out during the kiddy races.

Riley messing around on the stage.  Both Riley and Jonathan loved running around up there!!
Nate on the Adrenalin Rush.  It was a blow up maze with climbing and a slide and maze.  This is a typical picture of Nate the whole time we were there.  He was on this or the bouncy house or the big slide.
Nate pretty much had the run of the square.  He was really good about staying by us.  The inflatable stuff was right near us and he could go back and forth between us and those.  We were set up under a tent with Aunt Amy and her sound system and the Pioneer Table.  My mother in law and father in law were overseeing that table.  The sold tickets for a raffle and pins that my father in law made with old pictures of Queen City.  Nate made friends with Michelle who ran the sno cones and Nate "helped" out quite a bit!! 

The picture of Jonathan is where we were hanging out in the back of the van waiting for the kiddy parade to start and then the Grand Parade to start.  The boys played with toys and had a snack.  We were able to stay out of the sun there which was nice.  The parades were great!!  Were thrown a ton of candy and saw lots of people, classic cars, classic tractors and lots of horses!

I love this picture of our niece Ashton!  She is so pretty!  She was announcing the award ceremony of the 4H and FFA kids.
Jonathan getting bored so he decided to check out the cooler.  Loved playing with what little water that was in there.  Putting his foot in was pretty exciting too!
Jonathan and mommy being silly! 
I was trying to get Jonathan to stick out his tongue but he wouldn't do it.  He just smiled and thought it was silly!  The next 2 pictures are of him and I snuggling.  I love his smile and his hand on my cheek!  Pure love!!

All in all, we had a great trip to the farm!  The kids were great but we were all ready to come home.

Have a great week everyone!!

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