Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lots of pictures!

I realize it's been forever since I posted last.  I also realize I have friends and family who don't see the boys much and aren't on facebook so I am going to try and keep this up to date.

This past weekend Jason and I headed to Iowa to celebrate our anniversary.  We have been married 8yrs on April 5th.  We went to Cedar Rapids to see the Czech Village.  The museum was flooded back in 2008 but they made a smaller one for people to see while they clean up the old one and most of the pieces.  We had a snack of kolaches, a Czech pastry and went to a store with Czech cut crystal and pottery.

We stayed in Cedar Rapids for the night.  We went to a restaurant that served some Czech food and went bowling, something we like to do on our anniversary trips.

Saturday morning we headed to the Amana colonies.  Here is some info on them.  The biggest thing we learned is they are not Amish.  After visiting there, we headed to Des Moines.  I have 2 childhood friends that we wanted to visit.  We visited with Jennie and her husband and their adorable son, Hunter.  Had a great visit.  Was able to catch up on family and friend news.  We went to supper at a Chinese buffet and then headed to our hotel.  On Sunday we went to church with my other friend and her family.  After church we headed back to Suzanne's house and had lunch.  Another great visit.  We got to meet Suzanne and Andy's twin toddlers, Kylee and Zach.  They also have 2 older sons, Isaac and Derek.  It was a good time to chat and laugh!  After having lunch, we headed back to my inlaws.  They were taking care of Nate, Riley and Jonathan while we enjoyed our trip.

The boys had so much fun on Grandpa and Grandmas farm over the weekend.  There were lots of mule, 4 wheeler and tractor rides.  Trip to Uncle Adrian and Aunt Kims house to see the baby lambs.  Nate went on a nice long adventure with Uncle Adrian.  Nate helped Uncle Adrian in the barn too!

After we got back to the farm, there was time to have some fun on the new lawn mower, ride the 4 wheeler and mule.  We played chase with Grandma.  Grandma and Riley were on the 4 wheeler and Nate, Jon and I were on the mule and we chased each other around the farm!!  Lots of giggles! 

Jason snapped some great photos of the boys on the farm when we got back.  Enjoy!

 The boys always have a good time on the farm.  They are all turning into farm boys!  Makes this mama proud to see them come in at the end of the day covered in dirt! Dirt = Fun!  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother and father inlaw and the boys are so blessed to have wonderful grandparents who spoil them!

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