Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Fresh New Start

The last few weeks, there were reports from blogsource that they were shutting down. Everything would be sent over to livedigital. Jason manages our photos from there but I didn't want my blog to be there. So, I asked him about starting a blog from blogger where he blogs. So, this morning, I did just that. I started a new blog. It was very easy to start a new blog. The only thing is that I will bave to manually bring over my old post from blogsource or, have a link here to livedigital so all can still see the photos from the old blog. A bit of mourning on my part to leave all those posts behind. As we looked at it this morning, I had posted 97 posts. Lots with pictures. I may just bring over my first post as a rememberance.
I am looking forward to starting over and with Jasons help it should go very smoothly. I have found one feature that I really, really like. It autosaves for me. The last 2 times I have tried to post on blogsource, I have lost my posts for various reasons. Not watching what I was doing mostly. I needed to start over. Now I won't have to do that.
We are heading north to Jason's folks this weekend. I haven't been there since Christmas. We will be back on Monday. I am hoping to do a little bit of fishing. I even got my pole and tackle box out to make sure it was ready to go.
Thats all for now. I am sure Nate is ready to get up soon. It's 8am and he's still sleeping. He was worn out from so much playing last night. Aunt Amy and Mr Dave the Great was here last night. They have so much fun playing together.
Take care,

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