Wednesday, May 23, 2007


If you look at the first post on this site it sorta updates you on whats been going on.
But, I have more. We have spent alot of time at my parents. The last Thursday and Friday of April, Nate and I spent with my mom and dad to celebrate moms birthday. The weekend after, the 5th, my grandparents were traveling south with my uncle and we all convened at my parents for that. The next Saturday,we were there again that evening to celebrate our nephews 5th birthday. We stayed overnight so we could spend most of Mothers day with my mom. The next Sat. the 19th, my bro and his family and my parents came here. It was my birthday. I turned 31. We went to a nice park for a picnic and then that evening, Jason's sister and her friend came to babysit Nate so Jason and I could go to a friends birthday party. It was an adult only no kids allowed party. They had a good acoustic guitar player there. We sat around a fire chatting and listening to music. Even tho it was a party for our friend, I was sang Happy Birthday to also!
Time to go work on supper. Didn't really plan for tonight. I was planning on going out with some friends. So, thankfully I had everything to make spaghetti. Great standby!
Take it easy,

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