Thursday, May 24, 2007

Scary hair day!

Jason got Nate up from bed yesterday morning and said that he had really bad bed head. I was able to snap some pictures of it. It was pretty wild!! Daddy had given Nate a bath the night before and so thats why it was so wild.
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Hosted by!

Today we are heading out to get the oil changed in the van. Thankfully the place where we are going have a kids room to play. I figure if we go aroun 10am Nate will be ready to play with new and different toys and ready for a snack. I think grapes and juice should satisfy the boy. That will keep him busy enough while we wait.
I got 2 gift certificates for my birthday from Close To My Heart stamping/scrapbooking company that my sister-in-law is a consultant for. I get a discount to so I am able to get more than I thought!! I am excited to get all this.
Well, Nate should be getting up soon so I am going to stop here. Enjoy the pictures of my funny boy!

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