Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can't take the dog hair anymore!

I am about to go insane with the dog hair. I try to vacuum every other day but lately, I need to everyday. It's awful. Can I shave my dog? Should I shave him? Does anyone want a Golden Retriever? Seriously, its awful. He can be laying on the wood floor, get up, come over to the rug and scratch or shake. The hair would fly everywhere. Come on, is the hard wood not good enough for you?! I think he is doing that to spite me! One word: UGH!

We had one of the best days today, Nate and me. We stayed home all day. Played in the front room with Thomas,books,container of elbow macaroni, cars, and yes, a movie. I had the want to watch "The Christmas Story". I know, I'm weird! Nate cuddled thru quite a bit of the movie. He got to have nekkie time too! After I took off his nite time diaper, he got this look of pure joy that he was naked. He ran around so happy.

Had a lunch with daddy here at the house. Played some more. I worked in the office cleaning things up.

I was perusing the cloth diaper boards yesterday and today. Thought I would share a link to an ebay listing. It is very funny and I have the ladies blog book marked. You need to check it out!

Another thing I have been reading on the cloth diaper boards are the recalls from China. Now, I have gotten rid of alot of Nate's toys in the past 2 weeks. Not because of the recalls, because we have too many toys and his birthday is coming up. If I had money, I would buy him a few wood toys. I have some great web sites of people who make wood toys. Don't know if I want to touch that issue with a 10ft pole! Alot of women on the boards are getting quite upset over it all.

I noticed that my laundry room was getting cluttered with tubs of Nates stuff so I went to home depot and bought some new shelves. Alas, the tubs dont fit! So, I started putting the Christmas decorations on the shelves and will put the tubs on the shelves the Christmas stuff was on. The previous owner made some shelves and they will work just fine for the tubs.

The 12th of September, Nate's birthday, we are heading out to Indiana for a few days. We as a family haven't taken some time for ourselves in a long while so we decided to get away for a long weekend. There is a train museum in French Lick Indiana that we want to see. Nate is really into Thomas right now. In fact, we found a train table and tracks and accessories on craigslist and decided to buy it. Can't wait to see Nate's eyes when he sees that when he wakes up on his birthday!

Well, Jason is home and I need to work on things for supper.