Thursday, August 16, 2007

Found the pic

I finally found the picture that I wanted to add the last time I posted. Jason said that he hadn't uploaded to livedigital. So here it is. Nate looks so cute munching on his first ear of corn!

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I didn't get around to getting any new pictures, but tonight Jason was able to get some. Since all this heat this week, we haven't been outside. There was a big storm that passed just north of us and we ended up with some good wind that cooled things off. So, we sat outside for a while tonight and Jason was able to snap some pics!

This weekend we are heading up to my folks for my dad's birthday and our nephew, Nolans birthday. We are staying over night and coming home on Sunday.

Nothing else is happening lately. Kinda boring around here.
I will have to post another time when things get exciting.

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