Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to normal

We had a good Thanksgiving on Thursday with my family. My parents, my bro and his family and my Uncle and Aunt and then us. My Uncle and Aunt hadn't seen Nate since he was 2 mos old so it was good for them to see him. My sis-in-law did a great job on the lunch. The turkey was so good and moist. I stole her idea on the roaster. I was wanting to pick one up the day after Thanksgiving but had no idea what one. She found hers at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is an Oneida. Really nice one for a good price. So, on Friday, I battled the crowds and went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found one.

Friday afternoon, Jasons folks arrived for the weekend. We putsied around the house for the rest of the day. Had chili for supper with cornbread. Everything was yummy. I almost forgot the beans. Thankfully we have a small grocery store near us so I was able to get some in time.

Saturday was spent doing a little shopping and getting ready for the supper. I made my first turkey! It turned out yummy. The outside was brown perfectly. I was able to pull off supper with the help of my wonderful Mom-in-law and sister in law. In fact, my MIL saved the deviled eggs. Apparently, my eggs were too fresh so that when I went to peel them, it was very difficult. My MIL, Kathy, saved me! She was able to peel the rest of them w/o a problem.

Sunday, I taught Sunday School. My kids sat so great and listened so well and helped answer the questions. I love those kids. After church, Jason called and said that his parents were still in town and they were going to eat at Hometown Buffet. So, I went and joined them for lunch.

So, now we are on Monday. Back to normal. I am enjoying getting back to cleaning, playing with Nate, doing laundry. All the usual. Last week, I spent almost everyday getting ready for Thanksgiving here and in Sprinfield so my routine was thrown out of whack.

Nate has discovered how to climb up on our bed. I think I am in trouble now!! When I start hearing laughter, I go look in our room, and there is Nate playing on our bed. He loves rolling on it, standing up and then sitting down quickly so he bounces, laying on our pillows. My kid is such a corker! I have started knick naming him my little spaz. I seriously cannot take him anywhere. He wants to run and get into everything. I guess this is what a toddler is like. I want another baby, why?!!!

I have gotten a head start on my Christmas decorations outside. I don't do much. Just evergreen garland around the post on the porch and icicle lights on the front of the house. We do have a blow up snowman. I have a wreath on my door. I don't think that am going to do much in the house for decorations till after the 1st of Dec. I want to get the house inside ready, clearing out things so I can put new things up, general cleaning and the sorts. I still need to figure out where the tree is going to go. It will probably go right next to the door that goes into the kitchen like last year. I am hoping to find the same size in height like last year, just over 5 ft high, but not as fat!!!

Ok, I am tired and am going to head to bed. More on the list of things to do tomorrow.

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