Sunday, December 2, 2007

Busy week

Lots of new things going on here. First, Nate is going to Parents Day out one day a week. His first day was this past Thursday. He is there from 9-3. He really likes it. Will be good for me to get a break or to get some things done around the house and make drs appts and not have to worry about finding a sitter for him or taking him with.

I am seeing a new dr. She is going to help me get healthy through enzyme therapy or enzyme nutrition. I saw her for the first time on Thursday. She did some acupuncture and asked a bunch of questions. She is trying to find out where I am health wise and to help get me started on enzymes. I am excited to get started! I have to do a urinalysis also so she can see where to start. She did make a comment that my thyroid is not working as well as it should so thats why I am gaining weight and have a hard time losing it. I really didn't have the heart to tell her that it's my stinking diet is why I am gaining weight!!! I do have a hard time losing weight too. Nice to have a reason why.

My parents wanted to have a work day at their house this past Saturday. They needed some help getting some things done in the house and figured many hands make light work. So, Jason, me and my bro and his wife were going to be there. Jason had Friday off so we went to my parents then and then my bro and his wife would come up on Sat. My parents watched Nate so Jason and I could have a date night!! We went to 2 Antique Shops and then out to eat. On the way to my parents, we stopped at a Christmas tree farm. Found a beautiful tree! I hope I can get a pic for you all to see. Ok, pics aren't available right now. Jason had the pictures moved to flickr and I cant figure out how to add them to my blog.

We had a great date night. Went back to my parents house and watched a movie. About half way into the movie, Nate gets sick. I mean, throwing up sick. Yuck. We just figured my dad had a little too much fun with Nate and his stomach got yucky. Not the case. I was up with Nate all night long since he would get sick every 15mins. From midnight to around 4am it was every 15mins then we got a break and we both slept till morning. He got sick 2 more times that day. Nate was in bed by 7pm and we didn't hear a peep out of him till morning. One time getting sick today. When I got home from teaching Sunday School, he was sleeping on the floor in the back room draped half on half off a big pillow. Still sleeping as of right now! Thankfully, Jason was able to get some water, dry toast and some banana in him.

We put up the Christmas tree last night. It's so pretty and smells sooo good! It's about 6ft tall. Just the type of tree I wanted. It is either a Canaan Fir or Fraser Fir. I like how the needles are. I almost had too many decorations to put on! I also put up around the door to the kitchen a garland and added a string of bells that play music. My wonderful mother-in-law, Kathy got those for us. My living room isn't completly done. I need to put up my Christmas village.

It was such a warm day that I finished putting lights up outside. I bought some new ones. They have the big light bulbs that are colored with icicle lights hanging down. The porch roof has those and the rest of the front of the house has just regular icicle lights. Looks nice! Right after we put up the rest of the lights, a front came through and it rained.

It's been a quiet day after all that. Just catching up on my message board and checking emails. I need to work on my menu for the week. I am craving spaghetti so I think thats what we will have tomorrow night.

I am looking forward to getting back into the work week. Not much going on, but still nice to get back to an ordinary day. Back to the familiar.

As soon as I can get Jason's help, I will have to add some pics.

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