Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Trip to Kansas City

I took Jason to the Kansas City area for his birthday. We were supposed to go the weekend of his birthday but b/c of the bad weather, we chose this past weekend instead. I had a bed and breakfast booked and a few things around the area to see. Our bed and breakfast was in Kearney, MO. It is called Western Way B&B. Bill and Connie Green are the owners. It was out in the country on a small ranch. They have a few horses but I couldn't ride them. Bill is a farrier and is a roper also. Connie is wonderful hostess that enjoys entertaining. She had a wonderful breakfast waiting for us Saturday morning. It consisted of Baked Bacon Twists, French Bread, Potato's O'Brien, mixed fruit and mini blueberry muffins. Yummy! The baked bacon twists were so yummy. She told me how she made them and now I will have to try them.

Some of the places we visited while we were there: Jesse James home, Watkins Woolen Mill, Museum of the Pony Express, the home where Jesse James was killed, and another museum called the Patee House which was a 140 room hotel and now is a museum. After we were done in St Joseph, we decided to head back towards Kirksville and stay in Chillicothe. It is the home of Sliced Bread. They also have murals painted on the sides of old buildings. Very pretty town. We were going to stay over night and then head back to Jasons folks the next day but we were bored and were back to Kirksville that night. We did stop to play 2 games of bowling before heading out of Chillicothe.

I would like to go back to that area next fall and visit a few places in Kansas City since we didn't do that this time around. I hope to stay at the Western Way B&B again too!

Spent some time at Hobby Lobby tonight. I picked up some flannel to make some doublers for Nate's diapers. I have some but they seem a bit rough to the touch. I have some microfiber towels that I am going to cover with the flannel to make the doublers. Should be an easy project.

I am so proud of Nate tonight so a little brag about him. Nate knows all 26 letters of the alphabet!!! I decided not to work with him to much because I figured he's only 2 1/2 and he is a boy. Jason has been playing with the foam letters in the bathtub with Nate when he gives Nate a bath. He makes a game out of it. Thanks to all that, he has learned his letters. If Nate points out a letter, I tell him what it is and I will spell things for him and such. He is getting exposure to the letters at Parents Day out too. Next on the list to learn is numbers and colors. He knows his shapes, but I havent heard him say them.

Have a good evening!

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