Thursday, March 20, 2008

Awful moment in my day

I had a friend watching Nate so I could go to an appointment w/o him. I had just picked him up and was heading home. We were stopped at a red light and off in the distance I could see a firetruck heading towards the stop light we were at. I was talking with Nate about the firetruck and rolled down the window so he could hear the siren. We were still at the red light waiting for the firetruck and one ambulance to pass thru. Just as the 2 trucks were passing thru, a SUV went thru the light right along side of the trucks but the trucks were turning and the SUV wasn't. The SUV was going straight thru the light. Just as the SUV was going thru the intersection, a Mustang came flying thru and hit the SUV hard enough for it to lift off the ground and land on a car 2 cars away from Nate and myself. Talk about shock! Everything was in slow motion. It was the weirdest feeling. I was actually thinking the SUV was going to hit us after it hit the other car. Thankfully it didn't. It took me a few moments to figure everything out and to pull into the gas station to the right of us. Nate was ok but I was shaking. The mustang was sitting right there and the ladies were yelling about the SUV wondering if it had run a red light. I wonder if the SUV driver thought since the firetruck and ambulance was going thru they could make a run for it even though it was a red light. I think the ladies in the mustang knew that the firetruck and ambulance was there or going thru the light or they would have slowed down. They were going pretty fast. Had to be going fast enough so that when they hit the SUV it was lifted off the ground. I sat in the gas station lot for a few minutes and then the police showed up. I have a feeling the firetruck saw it all and called it in right away. I don't think there were any fatalities, but I don't know for sure. I don't know about the driver in the SUV.

Makes me thankful for my life and my family! I am still processing everything. I am very, very grateful and thankful that our van wasn't hit. I am not happy that Nate saw it happen and I hope this is not something he will remember. He did make a comment as we were driving home that a truck was hit. I don't think he understands what all happened.

Give hugs to your kids and families and be thankful everyday for them!

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