Monday, June 16, 2008

Smell that Smoke (Bandanas)

So yesterday was Fathers Day so Nate and I took daddy to Bandanas. I had been craving it and suggested it to the guys. It was sooooo good. I pigged out. The beef was so tender, the fries just right and the sweet tea just the right amount of sweet. I know, caffeine in the tea, but I haven't been drinking soda at all so I figured this time I was ok. Its a dangerous thing that Bandanas is right near us. Very tempting to call and order take out. Jason mentioned stopping by Schnucks (grocery store) and picking up some ice cream. After that we headed home and veged in front of the tv watching Snoopy shows. Nate and Daddy went for a walk and then we decided to head to the park. It had cooled off alot and I was ok to head out then. I have been reacting to the heat so I stay in the air conditioned. The park was great. Met a family at the park and come to find out they live 2 streets over and their son is just a month older than Nate! They had lots of fun and the parents were pretty cool too.

Nate has been so funny with his words lately. The other morning, Nate and I were having breakfast. Well, I was having my breakfast, he was on the 2nd half of his breakfast! Anyways, we were just chatting and he said, "I love mommy, I love Nate, I love Jackson (said this 3 times) then he said I love daddy!" He cracks me up! Our conversations are about everything and nothing! He is into singing alot too. I would love to get him to memorize some bible songs. We have plenty of resources and I know quite a few from memory. Thanks to Aunt Amy, we have a whole slew of cassette tapes with kid songs and stories. He loves to listen to these tapes in his cassette players.

2 weeks ago, I had a drs appt and Aunt Amy(Jasons sister) came to watch Nate for me. Since we were low on babysitter friendly diapers (disposables) Nate and I ran to target to pick some up and peruse the toy aisle. I ended up getting Nate a starter set of Playdough. It had some plastic scissors that would be good for Nate for small motor skills. It was perfect toy for Aunt Amy and Nate to play while I was gone. He is officially hooked on playdough! Over the weekend, Aunt Amy found a Bob the Builder and Sesame Streets playdough packs and cutters. He has had so much fun!

It is finally cooling off here. Supposed to be in the 80's this week. Good, I don't want to turn on the air if I don't have to. I love the fresh air.

My mom, sister-in-law and her two boys are coming Wednesday so us ladies can have a day of shopping. My mom wants to peruse St Charles Main street for some art pieces and such. I am going to see if a teen here in the neighborhood would be up to watching all 3 boys. If she is busy, then Jason said he would take the day off. I thought that would be good for the boys to spend time with their uncle and Nate could spend time with daddy.

Supposed to get our new cell phones today! I hope that is. We already have the new phone service on the home phone. I can officially call my mom and not use up her minutes on her phone.

Off to get Nate up. He thought that 5:30am would be a good wake up time. Thankfully, he laid in bed and fell back asleep around 7:30 or so. I was thinking of waking him up around 8 but didn't have the heart to wake a sleeping baby. He played hard yesterday and hopefully will today too. It's too nice to be spending the day indoors. We have 2 errands to run and then we will be done.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


J Starbuck said...

Thanks for making my Father's Day so Special!!! I enjoyed spending time as a family (even though it was sans Jackson.. 8( ).

Tiffany said...

How about a baby update girl? Are ya showing? How far along are you! It's so exciting that you are having twins!!!


Mouwoohze said...

BANDANAS! I just googled the closest location (before reading your blog) and figured out if I leave home at 8am, I'll be at Bandana's in Shawnee Mission, KS by 5:30. :)