Saturday, June 7, 2008


Jason got me out of bed this morning to go garage saleing. We didn't go out for long since it was getting pretty hot early. We found a nice subdivision sale with quite a few sales. I ended up finding a crib for $10!!! It had all the parts but do need to casters. Our other crib did too so this isn't anything new for us. I also found 2 medium Bumkin cloth diapers at this sale. I was so happy! $2 each. Nice! They were barely used.

Had a rough week. I am so tired and nauseous but I am coming up out of the slump I think. I did go see my baby dr yesterday to voice my concerns and she said that since I was carrying twins, I am going to be more tired. She said that I was 9 1/2 weeks along. So, 2 or so more weeks and I will be into the 2nd trimester. I am looking forward to that. I am also looking at a Twins pregnancy book on that I think I will order this afternoon. My pregnancy book from Dr Sears is good but it really doesn't touch on twins and I know that this pregnancy is different and I want to find out what is going to be different and what to look out for.

Well, off to try and make some lunch for my guys. It's getting pretty hard to get into the kitchen lately. My nose has super smelling powers and I don't like it! Good thing for Lysol!

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