Saturday, August 9, 2008

Found what I was looking for!

I decided that after we came home from the farm, I would start working on Nate's big boy room. My sister-in-law was so generous to give me a sheet set and a blanket. The sheet set has a transportation theme which is kinda what I was looking for. So with the colors out of that, I decided on an off white base for color for the walls and then 2 colors at chair rail hight. I wanted red and blue stripes. One of each color around the room. How hard would it be to find the colors? I took the pillow case in to match and couldn't find anything remotely close. Today, I decided to try again. With Jason and Nate we took off for Home Depot. Jason and Nate were looking at the Disney colors. Nate picked up brochure with Lightening McQueen on it. As I was looking at it, there was a red that matched the red I need perfectly!! I found a blue that would work too. So excited! The colors are: red:Three Cheers for Pooh and blue: To Infinity and Beyond. Cute names! The guys at the paint counter were very helpful. I didn't pick up the right type of paint for the colors so the guy went to get what I needed. I got a quart of each color and a gallon of the Popcorn white.

Now we need to work on the back room to make room for the computer and the train table. I need to remove a few things and we should be set. After that, we need to tackle the office and get it cleaned out. I will clean the office and the walls. I will cut in with the white and see if Jason will paint the rest. I don't know if I need to be painting so much being pregnant. He will need to mark off the stripes too. After that is all done, we need to look for a head board for the bed and get a mattress set. I will decorate his room little, by little. I need to paint inside the closet in the nursery and the office to get ready for the closet organizers we hope to get before Sept.

Lots to do! Yard work got done yesterday. I am looking forward to all this and getting it done!

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Tiffany said...

Can't wait to see some pics Lynn! Glad you are having fun and feeling good.