Monday, December 29, 2008

A picture I just had to share

The other night, Nate was playing so nicely by himself while I was puttering around the house. I saw him playing with his toy cars near the water cooler. After that it was bedtime. As I have a cold, I have been drinking alot of cold water and munching on ice. Ice seems to keep the coughs away. Anyways, I went to fill up my cup at my water cooler and this is what I find! I couldn't resist taking a picture. I just smiled at what I saw!

Ahh, having a little boy, who is all boy, in the house is quite the adventure! Don't know what you will find next. I just try and imagine whats going thru his mind when he does things like this. Nate makes me smile!

On the baby front: Nothing still. We were scheduled for a C-section this morning but after much talk, thinking, and prayer, we decided not to have it. After lots of prayer on my part, I felt that we could hold off. This past week I strained a muscle in my back and then on Sat while I was coughing, I felt the muscle snap. I have been in lots of pain since then. I was finally able to talk with my ob last night. She still feels the c-section is the way to go even tho she knows how I feel about it. She isn't pushing me to do the c-section. I do respect her for her thoughts on everything too. She has some valid points. If this was a singleton pregnancy, I have a feeling she would be more than ok with waiting till my due date to decide anything. Being twins, thats a bit more complicated. We are both worried about how big I am getting. Putting extra strain on the uterus. Jason and I still need to talk more about this. I am tempted to get ahold of a doula (birth coach) and see what she has to say. I need some advice from someone who is knowledgeable in the whole birthing process and such. Anyways, after talking with my ob last night, she called in a prescription for some pain medicine. My wonderful husband went out last night at around 10pm and picked up the prescription! I took 2 right away and with in an hour, I was feeling better. My back still hurts, but not like it was. I slept on the couch so I could sleep more upright b/c of the coughing. I actually slept till around 4am and then my coughing started in. My coughing is finally done. Seems to be a pattern where I stay up for an hour and cough and then it's done and I can go back to bed.
I am off to bed. Please continue to pray for us as we make a decision that is right for us concerning the babies. It is not an easy decision. My arms ache to hold my little ones, but they need to stay where they are for a little bit longer.

I hope the next time I post, it will be to introduce the twinkies!


ltlredbird27 said...

Lynn, I am praying for you and you'll be in my thoughts. Hang in there! You are one very strong woman and a great mama! Everything will be okay. I just know it!


Mouwoohze said...

We're praying for you the the babies! Love you lots!

Stuarts said...

I am praying for you. I know how tough of a decision this must be. You want to do what's best for the babies and for your body. We'll pray that the Lod willj ust make it clear to you what needs to be done and bless whatever decision you make.