Thursday, January 24, 2008

A yucky week

This past week has been yucky around here. Nate came down with croup on Friday and we took him to the doctor on Sat. to make sure we were doing everything right to keep him comfortable. DR checked his ears and said that one looked a bit pink. Said to come back if I notice a difference. By Sunday morning, the croup cough was gone but the cough started sounding worse. Poor kid couldn't breath well. He seemed to be pretty miserable. Jason was home on Monday and we hung around the house. I went grocery shopping during Nates nap. Tuesday morning it dawns on me that b/c this cough hasn't gone away or at least gotten better is that he has an ear infection. Went to the doctors again and sure enough, an ear infection. Off to Schnucks (local grocery store) to get the antibiotic. The stores pharmacy is letting you get the stuff for free this month. Usually we go to Walgreens. He has been on this stuff for 3 days now and I am noticing a difference. His coughing is getting less and he seems to be in a better mood.

Nothing else has really been happening. Just trying to keep up with the house with a toddler coming in behind destroying it!!! I signed myself up for a sewing class. It is for 6 weeks. The only project that we are going to do is a bag. Didn't know we were actually going to make somthing. Just thought it was finding out about a sewing machine, what it can do and how to use one. Well, I am sure I can put the bag to work somehow. After I complete the classes, I am going to learn how to knit. I don't expect to be very good at sewing and knitting, but it will be fun to learn and make something.

Been going through Nate's stash of cloth diapers wondering if I need to over haul it. I have been using prefolds, covers, pockets,a few all in ones and some fitteds. I know that I need to find a better way of organizing them. Right now they are in a laundry basket in Nate's room and some are in 2 baskets on a shelf in the closet and prefolds are in a diaper stacker hanging in the closet. I can't seem to find a way of organizing that works well for me. I am thinking of checking out craigslist for a cheap dresser and putting that in the closet. That would work great. Haven't found one yet. Another idea is to find a shelf that is like cubes and putting baskets in that. Haven't found that yet either although I know it's out there b/c I have seen it!! Anyways, back to his stash. I am thinking of selling all the pockets but they are great for Jason to use. Very easy, daddy proof. But with pockets, there is stuffing the absorbent inserts before using and I am getting tired of stuffing. I have 16 pockets that I have to stuff. Not fun! I like fitteds and covers so those will stay. I like the prefolds too. I have 2 sizes of prefolds. Premiums and toddler size. Premiums are for babies up to potty training usually. Not to many kids get into the toddler size. I thought my son had gotten big enough so I bought some toddler sized. Too big. I might sell all but 2-3. I have 12 altogether. 2 or 3 of them have stains and I cannot in good conscience sell them. Maybe when it gets warm here and the sun shines I can put them out to sun out the stains. Another idea is to take those toddler prefolds and have someone convert them into fitteds. Pretty much cut them and add elastic to the legs. She also adds some yummy fabric if you want. It does cost to have this done. I figure I sell all but 2-3 and get the ones I keep converted. That won't be as expensive. Fitteds and covers are pretty daddy friendly. I am hoping too that after the sewing class I take that I might be able to make my own fitted diapers then I wont' have to go and buy!

Confused? It took me a year and a half to learn all the words and such that come with cloth diapers. I can talk the talk when it comes to cloth diapers. I amaze myself :)

I guess that's all. Not very entertaining tonight. Just some thoughts I have been having lately.

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