Saturday, January 5, 2008


It has been almost a full week since Nate started sleeping in his new toddler bed. Haven't had any problems at all. He still takes naps, and sleeps all night and doesn't get out of bed till we come and get him! He did get out of bed after a nap and started playing and thats cool. At least he is keeping himself occupied!

Nothing too new on this end. Nate is getting into Snoopy! Snoopy cracks him up! Good thing Jason had a thing for Charlie Brown and Snoopy since we have at least 4 videos and can get more at the library.

We tackled the laundry room this week. On Tuesday while Nate and I were taking naps, Jason started cleaning up the laundry room. Nate and I came down later and started helping him. I was able to finish up the room that night. We were able to get rid of a bunch of junk and just reorganize that room. I know have room on the floor to sort laundry. I tackled the back room Thursday and Friday. I was able to clean off the shelves and declutter them. Looks much better.

We went downtown today to the Health Expo at the convention center. Nate hasn't ridden on the Metro Link yet so we parked at Hanely and took the metro to the convention center. Nate surprised me by being a wonderful little boy while we were going down there and back. He sat so quietly. He did go between us but that was cool. The health expo was good. We were able to get some good info on great stores. I found out more about the Sappington Farmers Market. Here is a web site to check out. I haven't looked at it yet as we got some info at the fair. I think I am going to check it out next weekend.

Nothing else going on. Guess I will post more on Monday.

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