Friday, February 8, 2008

Fluffy day for me!!

Ok, fluffy in the cloth diapering world means a cloth diaper! The diapers I buy are so soft and fluffy! So, I received the following 2 covers made from fleece. Fleece is an excellent material for covers for diapers at it repels moisture and pushes it back into the diaper. Also with fleece, I can wash it with normal clothes and put it into the dryer and use a dryer sheet as that helps keep the fleece repel moisture which is what I want. It is a no-no to put a diaper in the dryer with a dryer sheet b/c the dryer sheet will add a layer of stuff and that will make the diaper repel moisture when I want the diaper to absorb.

So, here are the 2 fleece covers/soakers:
Diapers-Feb08 060

The next thing I have to show you is a decal for the car. It goes on my window. It shows how much into cloth diapering I am!! After I posted the blog and looked at it, I noticed that the pics were getting cut off. Too tired to fix, but the decal says "Cloth Diapers Rock".

Diapers-Feb08 061

I still need to take off the protective cover. The letters are blue.

My mom came down yesterday to spend some time with us and then she and I went to the Reba/ Kelly Clarkson concert. It was special for us to see Reba in person. Not that we got to meet her, but at least hear her sing in person. We didn't stay the whole time as it was really loud. I was a bit upset b/c I had hoped Kelly would open and then Reba would sing, but they sang together the whole time. We were surprise to have a special appearance by "Barbara Jean"!!! Melissa Peterman plays Barbara Jean on Reba! She is so funny.
It was so nice to have my mom here for a visit. Nice treat. She and Nate have so much fun together. Next week on Thursday, I will head up to their house and help mom clean and pack as they move to Springfield on Saturday. I will stay at mom and dads till Saturday. Jason has Friday off and he and Nate are going to have daddy and Nate day. On Friday, mom and dad close on the house and then my brother will be there to help pack and pack up the truck. It's going to be just the 4 of us again for the day. Thats going to be weird.

Update on V. Her son called last night and he said that she had some inner ear problems so that's why she got dizzy and fell. I don't know when she will be home. I hope soon.

I have been busy going thru my stash of cloth diapers deciding what I want to sell so I can buy different diapers for Nate. There are a few that I don't like, or they don't fit Nate size wise and just don't fit right on him. There are some other things like books and parental items that I am selling also. I am going to be placing them on diaperswappers. I am hoping to get a little bit of pay pal. That will fund the other diapers. I don't need much, but I do need some things. I will probably list everything the first of March. Too much going on here before then.

Tomorrow is already filled. I am going to a friends house. She is hosting a Party Lite party for her cousin. If I find what I am looking for, I will post a pic of it after I get it. It's too hard to explain what I am looking for. I have a feeling I will find it tomorrow.

As I was busy taking pics of all the items I am selling, I wanted to listen to some music on the computer. Jason told me of Mikes Radio world. He lists alot of radio stations out there. I clicked on Tennessee and found a Bluegrass, Mountain, Old Country station there. Really good music. Not liking the dj at night. Older guy who gets into some political stuff that I have no interests in.

So, back in the beginning of Dec, I posted that I have been seeing this new dr who is holistic. She has helped me so much. I am eating better and the enzymes I am taking helps me to digest and absorb the food I eat alot better. I know I have lost some weight but I have tons more to go. I feel better. I feel healthier since seeing this dr and starting on the enzymes. So I had an appt yesterday with her. She said I am doing great. I brought up that Nate was getting sick again. He had a double ear infection 2 weeks ago and it seems that it didn't clear up completely as he is coughing and has a runny nose again. She mentioned that I need to take him to my chiropractor and get adjusted. She could adjust him too but Dr Gina already knows Nate. She also gave me some herbal supplement to give to him to help get rid of the bacteria in his ears that is causing him to get ear infections. I have to open up the capsule and empty the contents into applesauce or yogurt. I have been doing this for him since Thursday and I am already noticing a difference. Not coughing as much, he feels better. I do have an appt on Monday to see Dr Gina to get him adjusted. I hope she looks at his ears and lets me know how they are. We do have a follow up appt on Tuesday with the ped's to make sure the antibiotics did their job from 2 weeks ago. I think I will make a standing appt with Dr Gina once a month for Nate. He would benefit from it.

Ok, enough of me talking. I need to go do a load of laundry so I have something decent to wear tomorrow morning.

Have a wonderful night!!

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