Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Update on V

Jason received a call from V's daughter yesterday and said that they were going to do a CT scan as she did hit her head when she fell. V also has a irregular heartbeat. No broken bones, thank goodness. They checked her in yesterday and kept her overnight. I have a feeling she will be there tonight as well. Hopefully, Jason and I will go see her tonight.

Tomorrow night is going to be exciting around here. My mom and I are going the Reba/ Kelly Clarkson concert!! Whoo-hoo! My mom will be here midmorning and she and I are going to spend the day together. Maybe a little fabric shopping and lunch.

So, I got signed up for this sewing class and the class is on Thursdays. I thought it was on Mondays. Ok, that's fine. Last week was cancelled b/c of the snow. But, I will have to miss tomorrow night and the following 2 Thursday's b/c of things going on that I will not get out of. So, I am hoping they will hold my payment and let me get in on Mondays the next round of classes. Thursday's just don't work out for me. I was looking forward to taking this class. Will have to wait now.

Nothing else is going on.

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