Monday, February 25, 2008

One for the books

Any body been woken up at 5:45am with your child yelling "SOOOOOORRRRRRYYYYY"? Well, I have been and it's not funny. Nate decided that 5:45am is a great time to wake up and frantically start searching for a toy. Maybe I need to translate the sorry for you. He was saying "SSAAAALLLLLLLLYYY". Sally, if you all know, is the blue car from the movie "Cars". In all reality, it's my fault that he has Sally. You see, we were supposed to go away for the weekend and Jason's parents were going to watch Nate for us. I had a great idea to buy 2 die cast cars from the movie Cars. I bought Doc and Sally and wrapped them up for him to open on Friday and Saturday. He has been asking for those 2 plus sheriff. He bought Sheriff on Monday. Thursday night he opened Doc and was excited. I let him open Sally on Saturday. This kid is hooked! S
So, after running in his room trying to help him look for Sally in the blankets and not finding her, he was content to lay down and try to go back to sleep with just Doc, Sheriff, Lightening McQueen, Mator and Bertie the Bus from Thomas. Well, he hasn't gone back to sleep. We have a crazy day of grocery shopping to do and get the shocks fixed on the van. Maybe he will go done for an early nap and sleep for 3 hours. That would be nice. Oh, yes, and looking for long lost Sally. I could have sworn he had Sally at nap time yesterday so I have no clue where she is. Oh, well.

I will add more when Nate goes down for nap.

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