Friday, April 11, 2008

A certain intersection

There is a certain intersection on St Charles Rock Rd that I loathe and fear. I have witnessed one accident there and almost another one today. This intersection is close to a fire department and hospital. I know that a few times a day that ambulances and fire trucks go through that intersection. When I witnessed the accident, an ambulance and a fire truck went thru the section with their lights and sirens going. Today, I was at that stop light and I was again the lead car. I heard sirens so I rolled down my window to find out what direction it was coming from since I couldn't see any lights in my mirrors. An ambulance was coming down the hill to my right. He slowed down and turned left onto the Rock Rd. Right after he went thru, a firebird came through the intersection and was half way through before the driver realized the ambulance in front of him had the lights and sirens going. The driver did slow down. I sat there shaking my head in disbelief. Don't you think that if you came upon an intersection and no one was moving that perhaps an emergency vehicle just went thru or was on their way through? Don't you think you should maybe slow down and access the situation to be safe? This is why I do not like this intersection. Thankfully, there are ways I can avoid this area. There are other ways to get to 70 and the other half of the Rock Rd.

Hoping to get out tomorrow. There is a Kids Health and Education expo tomorrow that I want to take Nate to. There are supposed to be some neat things for Nate to do. I do know that Jason's sister and friends are coming over tomorrow night for a game of Buzz. Some trivia game that you play on the Playstation.

I made some yummy snickerdoodles tonight. I didn't bake up all the dough. Oh they are nummy!

Guess thats it for tonight.

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