Monday, April 14, 2008

I like Linus!

Nate just told me this! He enjoys watching anything Snoopy. We got him hooked on Snoopy back at Halloween. I enjoy watching holiday movies and Snoopy was one of them. We watched the Snoopy Christmas show too. Nate sits there and giggles at the pond scene. Jason found Snoopy Come home. Apparently, Snoopy gets forgotten and decides to leave home. I don't know the rest of the story b/c I don't sit and watch the whole thing. Jason and Nate watch it together. There is a scene in a hospital when Snoopy and Woodstock go to visit a girl Lila. She is sick. There is a sign at the entrance to the hospital, No Dog Allowed. Someone is chasing Snoopy and Woodstock thru the hospital. Think a scene from Scooby Doo. Running from room to room with someone chasing you. Some how they get from one room and then another w/o going into the hallway. Anyways, Nate absolutely loves that scene!!! So back to Linus. We have sometime nick named Nate Linus b/c of the whole blanky thing. Well, I think Nate can relate to Linus so he likes him!

Nate starts swimming lessons today! I hope to get in 2 sessions before he turns 3. Thats when he flies solo with other kids and a teacher. Up to 3 years old, the parents need to be in the pool with the kids. I also want to get him signed up for music and movement at our community center. I am wanting to get a season pass to the Aqua Port too. Lots of fun things to do this summer.

Off to get supper in the crock pot.

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