Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pictures to show!

I haven't shared pictures of Nate lately so here goes!

The first few pics are of Nate sitting in an old desk. I have no clue how old this desk is. I do remember sitting in it to color too. My parents had it for years and they handed it down to me. I have it sitting in a corner of my kitchen just for looks till recently when Nate discovered it! Here he is coloring.
chuckecheese nite 004

He is really getting into coloring. Usually I give him blank pages to color on, but he has been asking daddy to draw Peanut characters. If you read my previous post, you will understand his infatuation with Snoopy! As I was watching him, I noticed that he is definitely going to be a lefty! I am so proud as I am a lefty also. Up till now, he didn't really favor that hand, but you can really tell he is set for life. When Nate wants to color, he pulls the desk out of the corner.
Here are two more pics of him coloring:
chuckecheese nite 002

chuckecheese nite 002

His favorite color to color with is orange. He is getting his colors down too. He can name about 4 colors now.

The next photo is of 6 prefolds that I embellished with cute material. I sent them off to Tammy of Tinkle Traps. She will take those prefolds, trim them to the measurements I gave her and add elastic to the legs and back and make them into fitted diapers. They are actually called prefitteds since they are made from prefolds. The prefolds I sent her are toddler sized. They are too big for us to use. This is a good option for us. It doesn't hurt to have extra diapers. I will have to post pictures when I get them back.

EasterEggHunt 028

The prints from left to right are: sock monkey with lite blue background, Retro western(Michael Miller print), Vintage Dick and Jane, Cars, another Vintage Dick and Jane and Thomas.

Here is another photo of Nate. Jason added this to his blog. I thought I would add it to mine too. This is after bath one night. I was being goofy and made a mow hawk of Nate's hair! He looks awful cute!
EasterEggHunt 011

I need to find out how to add a blog roll to my blog. Guess I will have to go snooping around here. Either that or ask Jason.

Enjoy the pics. I know I get to enjoy the real thing every day :)

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