Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Please pray for me and the babies

Thankfully this post isn't anything bad or urgent. The babies and I are fine. I had an appt today and the heart beats are strong. Last Thursday, Jason went with me to the appt because I was having my last ultrasound. Both boys look great. Baby A has lots of hair so should be interesting to see what it looks like when he is born. Is he going to be blond like his older brother or red like mine? We don't know much about Baby B in the hair dept. so that should be interesting too. I have a feeling they are both going to take after big brother and be blond. Baby A is still head down but his body is more to my right and not up and down so it would allow for an easy delivery. We spoke with my ob and we decided that because of the position he is in it would be safer with a c-section. I am sad. I wanted to go for a normal delivery. I still have time between now and Monday morning to go into labor on my own. We have a date of Monday the 29th at 7:30am for a scheduled c-section. I don't want this. I am not due till the 14th of Jan. but we don't want to go so far that the babies get so big and put stress on the scar that is already there. It could cause an uterine rupture and that is not what I need.
My prayer request is this: The Lord give me peace about our decision or give me some sort of insight on what to do. The Lord gets my body to start labor on it's own. I would love this! Also that Baby A would move his position if need be so I can labor naturally if this is really a problem. Part of me wants to cancel the c-section and just continue on with the pregnancy and see what happens but I am really afraid of the babies getting so big that it causes stress on the scar that is already there from my previous c-section with Nate. I have been praying about all this for some time now. I gave this whole pregnancy up to the Lord back when I was having trouble with my heart. The Lord has been so giving to me and has kept the babies and myself safe through this pregnancy. I am blessed. I just want the Lords will in this situation. I want some peace too.
Please pray for the babies and me. Thank you!


Apple said...

There is zero evidence that a twin pregnancy is risky following a prior c-section. In fact there is Zero evidence that a Twin VBAC is any more risky than a singleton VBAC.

Know the truth, Know your options.


Talk to other women


I know there are a few moms who have had twin vbacs within the last 2 yrs or so. You can find at lease one of their stories on youtube search twin hbac

Apple said...

specifically this one.


May the peace of God's plan make itself apparent.

mybandofboys said...

Hi Lynn,
I wanted to pop over and apologize for my distractedness when you came over to talk to me last night. It seemed like my boys were everywhere in the room but right next to me! Please forgive me though - I felt like I'd been rude.
Not knowing you very well, I didn't even know you were expecting twins! Congrats! I thought you said you decided to cancel, but my preoccupied attention might have misheard you. Know that I'm praying for you and your family.
Merry Christmas!