Tuesday, December 16, 2008

36 weeks!

I am so excited to report that I am 36 weeks pregnant! I feel so blessed to have come this far with twins and not have any type of complications where the babies are concerned. I would like to send them an eviction notice pretty soon tho! I am tired, achy, and whatever else you can be when you are this far along in a pregnancy. Oh, emotional too. Just ask Jason! As of last Thursday at my dr's appt, there is no progress of any sort towards labor. I get to have an ultrasound this Thursday and then a talk with the dr after. This will be my last ultrasound before I get to hold my babies! I am officially down to every week appt now with my dr.

Last Tuesday night, some wonderful ladies gave me some really cute outfits, blankets and burp rags. All has been washed and ready for the boys to come home. 2 other friends took me to lunch at a tea room on Saturday and I recieved some cute things from them too. I was able to do a load of items including the coming home outfits. I just need to add a few more things to my bag and I should be ready to head out the door should I go into labor anytime soon.

I an almost done wrapping gifts. I have 2 more things to wrap for Saturday get together with my family. I can't wait for our nephews to open their gifts this year. Oh, can't wait to pick up the ham on Saturday too. It's a yummy ham! I still have one more or maybe two more things to buy for Jason. One he isn't even expecting and I can't wait to have him open it on Christmas morning.

Ok, time to clean up from supper and then head out to the library and a another place but can't say in case Jason reads this and figures out where I am getting his gift! Nice try hon! I can still fool you yet!


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KC Silverman said...

So excited for your success in reaching 36 weeks. Can't wait to hear when the boys finally arrive. Cross your fingers for that extra double tax break! Wish I could be there to help and meet them. hang in there!