Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years Everyone!

The neighborhood is going wild with fireworks tonight. Thankfully they aren't right next door. Shouldn't wake Nate up at all.
I decided to stay up till midnight posting on my favorite message board. At midnight I went in and kissed Jason and said Happy New Year and did the same to Nate. Jason woke up but Nate slept thru it and actually frowned in his sleep when I kissed him! :)

In my last post I said that Nate was getting a new toddler bed. He had a nap in it today and did great! He went to be tonight and again did great. Had to turn him around b/c he fell asleep with his feet on his pillow!! Silly Nate :)

Ok, small vent here: I know it's New Years Eve and I am up celebrating it like everyone else, but seriously, did you have to buy the loudest firecrackers you could and set them off just 4 houses down from us????? I am about to walk down there and give them a piece of my mind, but I won't b/c I don't like confrontation. Thankfully this only happens 2 times a year, 4th of July and New Years. Maybe the next 4th and next New Years, we can arrange to be at my inlaws farm. They are in the country so it's nice and quiet. Thankfully Nate has slept thru all this.

Had a great evening with Ben and Laura and Logan and Vesta. We get together with Ben and Laura every new years. We had hot wings, meatballs, salad, rotel dip, brownies and sweet corn casserole. Everything was yummy! Laura and I put the kids to bed. Logan was able to fall asleep in their pack n play w/o a problem. Then the adults, sans Vesta(she went home earlier) played Scrabble. All in all it was a good night.

I am going to leave you tonight with one photo. Last week I decided to tackle Nate's closet, clean it out and such. I went to get the camera to get a before and after pic and while I was gone, this happened:

NatesRoomDec2007 012


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