Monday, November 17, 2008

Gettin' antsy for the arrival of my boys

Each day I feel these boys move, I can't wait to meet them! Oh, we haven't shared the names yet. We finally chose another name. Maybe we should wait till they are born to share the names? Would that be too mean of us?!!

So far, the crib is up, the linens are washed, baby clothes are 3/4 of the way washed. I have one more basket of clothes to wash. Thanks to a friend and our neighbor, we have more newborn clothes and more onesies! I think I have a total of 12 onesies and will have 5 more sometime this week when my friend sends them to me. I clean up the diaper bag as best as possible. It doesn't look too bad for me using it for the past 3 years. Thankfully the bottom is black and the main color is dark red so dirt really doesn't show. I have laid out a few outfits, onesies, socks and 2 blankets ready to add to the diaper bag to take to the hospital. I am going to install the bases for the car seats right after Thanksgiving. Nate will be moved to the back of the van then. I still need to pack up a bag for myself and get some snacks ready also. Don't know how much they will let me eat while in labor. Jason needs to make sure the batteries for the camera are ready and I am going to make sure the lap top is ready to go to as I want to take it along. I may load up a couple CD's for the time there. Movies too as they have a dvd player. I am waiting on an order of cloth diapers. Probably won't cloth diaper in the hospital but I need to have them washed and ready to go when we get home. I still need to get some covers too. I also need to buy some preemie and infant prefolds and a couple more snappis for those. I don't pin prefolds. I am pin challenged! Oh, I have someone who will make me some newborn and small covers with some fleece I bought. Just need to get a pattern for her and go see her. Thankfully she lives not far from here.

On Fridays Jason and I attend a bible study at our church. Before we started the study last Friday night, the leader showed us this video. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Check it out!

It didn't have anything to do with our study, but it was hilarious. The guy is Tim Hawkins. He is from St Louis.

Our wonderful neighbor has a cute little chalkboard with Santa on it and you can right down how many days are left till Christmas. She nicely let me know there are around 45 days left! Yikes! Thankfully, I am almost done with Jason and still need some things for Nate. I have 2 things coming in the mail for him but can't come up with anything else. This is terrible. I should have a whole list of things to spoil my son with. We get enough magazines in the mail to get ideas. Guess I need to look at them again.

Well, guess I don't have much more to say. I have been wanting to get to the library and get some new books.

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