Friday, November 28, 2008

The other outfit has been found

Before I posted here last about the coming home outfit, I posted on the message board that I am a member of. I figured there was a mama somewhere that could help me. There was! With in a few minutes of my posting there, a mama spoke up and said that there was an outfit on hold for me at a Babies R Us in Indiana! I called the number she gave me and I was able to buy the item over the phone and for $5 shipping, they would send it to me! It arrived today! It's pretty cool how other mamas help each other out and we don't really know each other but for the message board. My sister-in-law tried to help too but couldn't find anything at the Babies R Us near her. Thank you Tiffani for trying to help! I appreciated that!

The boys are going to look so handsome in their coming home outfits! I can't wait for them to be born and get pictures of them.

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