Friday, November 14, 2008

Another baby update

We had a wonderful baby appt yesterday. Jason said that he would have time to come with me so that was awesome! It may be the last time we see the boys before they are born. The ultrasound was great! Baby A is a little over 4lbs and Baby B is a little over 5lbs. Baby B is now head down. Sometime in the past 2 weeks he decided that being head down is more fun! We have no problems with that. Both heartbeats are great too. I have been feeling pretty good. I can feel I am getting towards the end as I am tired now all day and needing to lay down 2 times in the day. Also, my lower back is popping all the time. Everything is getting loosened up!

Been looking at my huge to buy and to do list and I can cross of a few things thankfully! I changed my mind again with the stroller. We are going to wait till right before Jason goes back to work after the boys are born to buy the Snap n Go frame. We decided that would be the easiest thing to do and when the boys can sit up unassisted, then we will look into a double stroller. That way we have more options of what we want in a stroller not what we need. I was able to sell the stroller we bought on craigslist and get my money back. The only thing I really need is a pack n play with a bassinet. I want the boys in our room not the nursery. I mentioned on my message board that I still needed some onesies and a friend who is also due in Jan said that she had more than what she needed and said that for $3 shipping, I could have as many as I needed. I figured 5 would do fine to add to what I have. She is so sweet! Another friend gave me a tub full of clothes last night and in there were some onesies also! We are so blessed with friends. I finally found 2 coming home/first picture outfits. I found them at JC Penny. They are velour. One is navy blue and the other is a soft kelly green. They are simple but very nice. I also found 2 Baby's First Christmas outfits. They are the same, but I thought it would be fun to have a couple outfits if the boys to make an appearance before Christmas.

I had better stop and figure out what to do for supper. I am just so tired I have no clue what I am going to make. Wish me luck! We have bible study tonight so it needs to be simple and quick.

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