Sunday, November 2, 2008

Change of plans

As my previous post stated, I was looking for a Snap n go frame double stroller. Well, today I had a thought. I realized that when the babies outgrow their infant seats, I would have to get another double stroller with seats. So,I started doing some research to find another stroller that had seats but I can put 2 infant seats in it as well. So this is the stroller I found so far. I am still doing some research to see if there is another stroller out there.

So I don't need help anymore with the snap n go frame after all.

Tomorrow afternoon, Jason and I are going to tour the maternity floor at St Lukes. Then we are going on a date after! We have a friend babysitting for us so we are going to take advantage and have some time to ourselves. I am thinking of taking Jason to Babie R Us so he can see the stroller too. Would like his input.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping and laundry day. Lots to do!

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