Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cleaning day

After last nights project, I decided that I needed some things if I was going to keep making diapers. I have on my Christmas list a new sewing kit. I need a new container since the one I have is my grandmas and I have no idea how old it is. There are a few things that I would like to have in my sewing kit too. Well, some of those things I bought tonight. I can't do without. So, when I got home from Hobby Lobby, I decided to clean out my sewing kit. I didn't get very far. I wanted to get rid of any straight pins that were in the pin cushion. I bought a new container of straight pins, 750 to be exact. Anywho, I was cleaning out the pin cushion and kept finding more hidden inside, but sticking out a little. So, I decided to open up the cushion and see what else was left and make sure I didn't leave any out. I ended up with, get this, 59 needles!!! They aren't machine needles, but thread needles, to sew by hand with. I will not be needing any of those types of needles for a long, long time! :)

I stopped by Goodwill tonight to see if I could find any fleece, flannel or cotton blankets to use for diapers. I found 4 tonight. Each were $1, and there were 2 on one hanger so they were counted as 1 blanket!

Other cleaning that got done today was our bedroom, Nate's room and the front room and vacuuming again. With the dog, vacuuming daily is a must around here. Especially in the colder months when Jackson isn't outside as much.

I am really enjoying staying home with Nate. I really like our days together. There was a time where it was hard to be home. I wanted to be out daily, going some where daily. Now, if we don't leave the house at all for a couple of days, I am happy. I am finding that if we are out of the house time goes by faster and that is time I can't get back again and time that isn't quality time with Nate. I know, going to the grocery store is good for Nate. Being out and about is a learning time for Nate, but it's not one on one time for the 2 of us. I know also, that will change when we have another baby.

The Christmas tree is up, the outside is lit with pretty lights and there is a blow up snowman in our front yard. Now, I need to set up my Christmas village. I have the area where it's going all cleaned off ready to go. I think I will tackle that tomorrow.

Nate is getting to be pretty comical with his words. I don't remember what we were doing, but out of the blue, Nate says "Silly mama"!!! I know that I have said "Silly Nate" plenty of times. Just didn't know he would say it to me! Another thing he does is when he sees me whether being away from me for a while, or just coming into the room from another room is "Hi mom"! His vocabulary is exploding right now. It's so much fun to hear the new words daily. He is now saying "Thank you" instead of signing it! I just can't get enough of this boy! I think I am in love!

Have a good night all!

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